Best strategies for time management

10 Best Time Management Skills to Improve Work-Life Balance

Time management refers to the process of managing, planning, and exercising actions by giving certain time to certain tasks. Time management helps a person get better in his day-to-day activities. Improving this skill can help a person achieve his daily goals easily. It can help a person come up with better working strategies and will be beneficial in project management. People with poor time management skills often have:

  • Lack of professionalism
  • Work-life imbalance
  • Poor reputation
  • Stress
  • Lack of focus
  • Unable to fulfill any deadline
  • Incomplete tasks

Everyone knows that time is an irreplaceable asset, once gone it never comes back. So how to make this time count and become better at managing time? The generation has evolved and so has technology. Certain task/time management tools have been introduced in the market. These tools help people in completing their tasks on time and make them better at working. 1ViewTask is one such amazing tool, new in the market, and has something unique to offer. And in this blog, we will tell you about some tips that will help you in managing time. So, let us get started!

Planning a schedule – the key to having great time management is by planning a daily schedule. Before you start working, you need to plan well. This plan could include what tasks you need to complete in the day. A plan can be made for a week or a month too. Working according to the schedule will help you reduce stress and you will be able to focus more on what task is to be done.

1ViewTask is one such tool that will help you in planning your schedule. You get to create your tasks, it could be recurring daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly. You can differentiate between the tasks that are to be done. While you assign a task, you get a variety of features to use. There is a time tracker too, with which you can check how much time did you take to complete a particular task.


Set a reminder for yourself – setting a reminder for a task can help ease many things. You must know about your deadlines and setting a reminder can solve the problem of forgetting. A reminder could be set a few days (if the task is long) or could be set a few minutes before submission (if the task is already done). Depending upon what suits you best, you can set a reminder.

With the help of 1ViewTask, you can set a reminder for yourself. While you create a task, you get the option of setting a reminder. Suppose the reminder is set for 15 minutes before submission, you will get a notification via email stating that your task is pending. This way you can meet the deadline. Besides, we have the feature of email. For every task, you will get a daily reminder. The remainder could be for a pending task or submission.


Keep a check on your productivity – another good tip would be to keep a check on the overall productivity. This would help you check how much product you have been with your work. You can see if you can manage your time or not. Being productive is essential if you want to succeed and so you must know where your time is being utilized.

With the help of 1ViewTask, you can easily check your productivity. This tool offers you to view your overall report from different kinds of views. You can fetch a detailed report or productivity report. These reports will give you how much time you have utilized on which tasks, and where you are lacking in working. You can also download an Excel sheet of this report. this feature is exclusive and not all tools offer such a feature.

1ViewTask- Dashboard

Distribute the task – delegating a task among team members can ease up things. Not all people have the skill of delegation. But you need to understand that if you distribute a project/task among other people, this will help you to focus more and you will be able to complete your part in lesser time.

With the help of 1ViewTask, you get to distribute the task equally. This tool has come up with a new concept named the maker-checker concept. With this, the task can be assigned to multiple assignees. A person can be put up as a reviewer who must check the task once it is done. If the reviewer doesn’t approve the task, he can return the task to the assignee. This way the task is completed on time and is rechecked as well.

Maker Checker Concept

1ViewTask- Default Workflow (Maker Checker Concept)

Avoid any kind of multitasking – multitasking often leads to tons of stress and incompletion of tasks. You need to avoid this strictly. When a person is working on different tasks together, he is not able to focus on any of the tasks completely. This is one of the reasons that people are poor at time management. So how to take care of this problem?

1ViewTask has the solution to this problem. With the help of this tool, you can focus on one task at a time. Start with assigning a task, complete that first, and then assign the next one. Even if you have been assigned multiple tasks, work on one at a time. You will get automatic reminders for completing the other ones every day. So you can relax and work on it one at a time.


Use a good task management tool – if you opt for using a task management tool, you will definitely get good at managing your time. There are plenty of task management tools available in the market. All you need to do is sign up on one of them to avail its features. Using a tool, you will know how to work efficiently and you will be able to meet all the deadlines.

 You can use 1ViewTask for managing your tasks and time. Features like default workflow, dashboard, time tracking, tags, compliances, activity/sub-activity, and prioritizing can be very helpful in time management. There are a lot of features apart from these. You can use this tool for yourself if you want to know more about its features.

1ViewTask- Kanban Board View

Give yourself a break – working too much can be exhausting, so you must give yourself a little break. Taking a break will not harm your work, it will help you relax. While you have tasks piled up on your screen, once you are done with half the work, take some time out. What if I tell you that taking a break is possible with the help of a tool?

Yes, that is right! With 1ViewtTask, you can take a break from your task too. If you are working on a task and your time tracker is on if you think that you need a break you can pause the timer. Else if your one task is completed, you can wait to start the other one and take some time out. There is no loss in taking a break unless it is not a huge one.

1ViewTask- Time Tracking

Communicate and discuss – if you are working on a project or a task that is going to take days, you need to talk. If you are bad at communication, you need to improve yourself. Because if you discuss and communicate with your team members, you will be able to work faster. Communication helps in solving tons of problems and hence you can solve yours too.

If you are using 1ViewTask, you will be able to communicate and discuss easily. If you are an introvert and do not prefer talking, you get to chat on the tool itself. Whether it is your team member or some client, you can freely chat and discuss any task with them. This way you can do your work easily without saying a word to anyone.



Prioritize your work – prioritizing a task can be very useful. You can manage your time efficiently if you know what task you need to prioritize and focus on. When you prioritize something, it means that you will put all your focus on that task and nothing else. So try to dedicate your precious time to one important task and then move to the less important ones.

1ViewTask is a tool that offers you the feature of prioritizing your task. While you are creating a task, you can select the priority of your task. it could be critical, medium, high, or low. Depending upon what kind of task you have to complete, you can prioritize it. The priority will display on your main screen and you can work on the task accordingly.


Build a working system – if you are bad at time management, you are probably working without a system. It is important to understand that you need a proper system that will help you work with the utmost focus. The working environment could be one of the reasons for poor time management. Do not worry, you can establish a system for yourself if you work with the help of a task management tool.

With 1ViewTask, you can achieve all your goals. Tools that are built for project management work according to a proper system. With this tool, you can assign tasks, get them checked, and share it externally with your clients or you can add clients as guest users. You get to chat with your team members and you get to track the time you invested in completing a task. This tool is best for managing everything in one place.



From the above-mentioned must-have skills for time management, you can gain some benefits if you follow these in your daily routine. And using a task management tool is the best solution you can get for poor time management. If you opt to use 1ViewTask, you can get to use some amazing features that will help you become good at managing time. Besides, this tool is free for 1 user with enterprise-level features for a lifetime and you get to add unlimited companies. You also get to enjoy 2.5 GB of data with the membership. Not only that, you will get daily emails reminding you of your tasks. A 30% increase in overall productivity is guaranteed by this tool. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today. The app is available on Android and iOS too.

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