Best Alternative to Todoist for Task Management

Todoist is one of the renowned task management tools with a variety of features available but unfortunately, it has got some flaws too. this tool can confuse you with its features as there is no proper label on any function. On the other hand, 1ViewTask is another task management tool that can turn out to be a better alternative to Todoist.

1ViewTask has advanced features that you might not get in some other tools. With this tool, you get to manage all your tasks, projects, and compliances in one place. You can connect with your team members easily and below is a comparison between the basic features of Todoist and 1ViewTask, you can see for yourself which is the better one.


Compare the features of a paid Dapulse Trello plan against the free 1ViewTask Plan.

Why Choose 1ViewTask Over Todoist?

Use Task Management Software That Scales You. See Why 1ViewTask is Todoist Alternative.
Free Upto 1 user with enterprise-level features

Free 2.5 GB Data For a Free Plan

Add Unlimited Companies

Unlimited Users

Board View

List View

Automatic Time Tracking

Default Maker-Checker Concept

Workflow Based On Statuses

Task Assign To Assignee

Task Assign To Review

Task Assign To Escalation Manager

Add Guest Users For External Sharing

Grant Access To Client/Vendor/Workspace

Activity And Sub-Activity Mapping

Compliance Management

Prioritizing Work


Add Tags

Recurring Tasks


Public/Private Tasks

Notifications Via Email

Penalty Cost setup with compliance task


Report-Employee Utilisation View

Multiple Assignee

From the above table, we can conclude that 1ViewTask is definitely a better alternative to Todoist because of its wide variety of features. Our tool is free for up to 1 user with enterprise-level features and we provide free 2.5 GB data, you can add unlimited companies to your portal as well. The maker-checker concept makes our tool unique and you will not find this feature in any other task management tool. apart from this, you get to manage your compliances, view a full-fledged report of your team members, and you can decide whether to keep your tasks public or private. We send daily emails to our users reminding them of their pending tasks. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and manage your tasks easily. 30% increase in productivity is guaranteed!