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Compare 1ViewTask with Time Doctor

With a vast array of tools incorporating cutting-edge technologies in the market,
companies face challenges in choosing a resilient and flexible employee performance-tracking tool for their
organization. The right employee monitoring software can change the growth trajectory of your firm and thus,
picking the best one is a highly responsible task.

1ViewTask and Time Doctor are two reputable software that has proven their significance for their clients, which
makes it a daunting task to pick from these two. In this blog, we offer the best comparison of the features that
facilitates you while selecting the right one for your firm.  

A Substantial Comparison between 1ViewTask and Time Doctor

Before deep diving into the features of the two software, let’s understand what these
software are!

Time Doctor is an employee monitoring tool that manages to enhance performance and track the time for companies
from different industries. Time Doctor has supported small and large-scale companies from different sectors.

1ViewTask is a task management tool that offers employee monitoring and performance tracking in addition to task
management. The tool has been designed in such a way that it serves the herculean task bunch of task management,
time management, and employee monitoring with the relevant features on the same platter.

Though these two software programs have distinct development visions, the similarity in their technical features
makes them highly comparable. Users often find it challenging to select software that can stand out and compete
with Time Doctor. So here’s a preview of the comparison between the two, which will aid you in making a


Compare the features of a Time Docter plan against the free 1ViewTask

Why Choose
1ViewTask Over Time Docter?

Use Project Management Software That Scales You. See Why 1ViewTask is Time Docter
Ease of Installation

Task Creation

Quick Task Creation

Public Task

Task Creation by Manager

Email to task conversion

Default Maker Checker Concept

Task Review

Task Escalation

Task Assignment

Multiple Assignee


Eagle Eye View

Productivity View

Detailed Report

Zero Cost Daily Email Reminders

Time Tracking

Zero-cost screen capturing feature

Performance Tracking

Zero cost unlimited client vendor workspace

Free Trial Period

14-day basic free trial period
Unlimited for the first user
Zero Cost Enterprise level services for the first user


Basic Plan: $ 5.9 per user/month at annual charges
$7 on a monthly subscription
Free for a single user
Pricing for Business

$16.7 per user/month at annual charges
$20 on a monthly subscription
$ 2.99 per user/month to enable this
feature with basic.
24*7 support staff

Geo Location Capturing

Desktop Application


The Ultimate Decision Choosing between 1ViewTaskand Time Doctor poses a challenging dilemma due to their exceptional recognition,

outstanding performance, and integration of cutting-edge technology. 1Viewtask, specifically designed as a task management tool, offers a
multitude of advantages within this realm. Its user-friendly interface, competitive pricing, and dependable
customer support have elevated 1ViewTask to an unparalleled status among its users.

While the final decision ultimately rests with the individual, it is prudent to opt
for the option that provides the most comprehensive features and transparent pricing. Given that 1ViewTask
encompasses all the necessary functionalities at a significantly more reasonable cost, it would be a judicious choice indeed.

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