Group Chat : Create group

and connect with your people

Create groups with listed members and chat with multiple people
in a one place which helps to save time. Explore the video call
and upcoming key features.

Tag your task and

convert chat as a task

Tag your task with hashtag (#) and convert your real
time chat as a task in one place ,Task tags will help you
to redirect to 1ViewTask which will save your
research time.

WorkSpace: Sync of WorkSpace

with chatsystem made easier

All WorkSpaces of 1ViewTask at one place, Synced in chat to
redirect and simplify your task specified by your team
members .

Audio/Video calls to connect
with Internal & external Team

Connect with your team member to make your workflow
more feasible. Assure your client by live screening
and handle your meetings with more confidence.

Share Audio/Video Recording

with chat system made easier

Send Audio and video Recordings to team members with
screen share recording and make your work more faster
and smoother.