Best alternative of Airtable for Project Management

Best Alternative to Airtable for Project Management

Airtable is one of the famous task management tools that can help you build some great applications. This tool is preferred by marketing teams who handle huge projects. But as it is said, not every tool is perfect. Airtable is also not a perfect tool if you have to manage data in bulk. instead of Airtable, 1ViewTask is a better tool and is the best project management software that will help you with all your tasks, projects, and compliances in a single place.  

Airtable has some classy integrations, its usability is good, and it allows you to combine spreadsheets and databases. But its overall automation can be improved. Airtable does not provide its users with a customizable workspace and its mobile application is relatively slow. You cannot even upload any large-size files. Whereas with 1ViewTask, you get to access all the features for free. Our mobile application is faster and you can upload files easily irrespective of their size. You get your workspace and work as per your suitability. Mentioned below is a table that displays a list of features for both tools, let’s take a look!


Compare the features of a paid Airtable plan against the free 1ViewTask Plan.

Why Choose 1ViewTask Over Airtable?

Use Project Management Software That Scales You. See Why 1ViewTask is Airtable Alternative.
Free Upto 1 user with enterprise-level features

Free 2.5 GB Data For a Free Plan

Add Unlimited Companies

Unlimited Users

Board View

List View

Automatic Time Tracking

Default Maker-Checker Concept

Workflow Based On Statuses

Task Assign To Assignee

Task Assign To Review

Task Assign To Escalation Manager

Add Guest Users For External Sharing

Grant Access To Client/Vendor/Workspace

Activity And Sub-Activity Mapping

Compliance Management

Prioritizing Work


Add Tags

Recurring Tasks


Public/Private Tasks

Notifications Via Email

Penalty Cost setup with compliance task


Report-Employee Utilisation View

Multiple Assignee

Conclusion From the above table of comparison between the two tools, it can be concluded that 1ViewTask is better. Airtable has features that are confusing or available in the paid version. You cannot even add any private task, there is no option for a checklist and no sign of the maker-checker concept. This is what makes 1ViewTask unique, you get a variety of features to use. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and explore the features yourself. Our app is now available on Android and iOS too.

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