1ViewTask is better project management tool than Clickup.com

Best Alternative to ClickUp for Project Management

Are you looking for a better alternative to ClickUp, a Project management tool to make all the difference?  

ClickUp is a Project management software tool with key features like Kanban boards, email, to-do lists, and collaboration to manage your workflows. But what if you get all these features that ClickUp offers but with even more capabilities and functionalities in 1ViewTask that too when you don’t have to pay anything to use it? 

ClickUp can be slightly overwhelming to look at whereas, 1ViewTask is quite a beginner-friendly and easy-to-use software tool.  

Since ClickUp offers a variety of options thus making it is intimidating to use and can cause a lot of confusion at times because you don’t know where to start exactly. 

1ViewTask offers several core features to make the project management and workflow look easier and compatible to be integrated with other platforms like Jira, Azure DevOps, etc for individuals and team members to clearly mark the stage of each task, project, and compliance. 

Compare the features of a paid Dapulse Jira plan against the free 1ViewTask Plan.

Why Choose 1ViewTask Over ClickUp?

Use Project Management Software That Scales You. See Why 1ViewTask is ClickUp Alternative.
Free Upto 1 user with enterprise-level features

Free 2.5 GB Data For a Free Plan

Add Unlimited Companies

Unlimited Users

Board View

List View

Automatic Time Tracking

Default Maker-Checker Concept

Workflow Based On Statuses

Task Assign To Assignee

Task Assign To Review

Task Assign To Escalation Manager

Add Guest Users For External Sharing

Grant Access To Client/Vendor/Workspace

Activity And Sub-Activity Mapping

Compliance Management

Prioritizing Work


Add Tags

Recurring Tasks


Public/Private Tasks

Notifications Via Email

Penalty Cost setup with compliance task


Report-Employee Utilisation View

Conclusion– From the above comparison, we can conclude that 1ViewTask can be the best alternative to ClickUp for project management and task management. Though ClickUp is a very famous task management tool when it comes to features, we can say that 1ViewTask is simpler and has more features to offer. You can take advantage of the maker-checker concept which makes task management easier. You get to provide access to your clients and vendors. You can generate a full-fledged report of your tasks and your team’s tasks as well. 1ViewTask guarantees you a 30% increase in the overall productivity of the firm. Our tool is free for up to 1 user with enterprise-level features, sign up now!

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