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The rapidly advancing world of technology has greatly facilitated industries in significant ways. However, it has also created a minor challenge for management. Technology has enabled employees to adopt a flexible workstyle, with companies incorporating tools that support a hybrid working structure. Nonetheless, this hybrid work arrangement has caused headaches for management. It proves challenging for administrators to monitor employees in remote locations effectively, and once again, technology plays a crucial role.


Management requires a tool that can assist in time management, task management, and employee monitoring. However, selecting the appropriate technology for your firm can be a tough decision. You need a differentiating list of comparisons that will enable you to make an informed choice smoothly. Here, we provide you with two outstanding software options currently available in the market.


Hubstaff and 1ViewTask are two remarkable software solutions in the market designed for time tracking, performance analysis, and task management. Although both tools are highly functional, they possess considerable differences in functionality, vision, and features. In this blog, we offer you a comparison between the features of the two tools to assist you in selecting the appropriate tool for your company.


What are 1ViewTask and Hubstaff?

Before comparing the two software, let’s understand them briefly.


1ViewTask is a task management tool that additionally offers employee monitoring,  time tracking, and performance analysis. 1ViewTask has been rendering its service to freelancers and small, medium, and large-scale companies. With the outstanding list of features and the agile approach to upgradation, it has created its mark among its clients in a limited time frame.


Hubstaff is a project management application that offers employee monitoring, workforce analysis, and time management.  Hubstaff records the time automatically giving the users insight into the time management of the employee. It has been a valuable assist for every level of user.


Comparing the software:  A Feature Analysis


Why Choose
1ViewTask Over Hubstaff

Use Project Management Software That Scales You. See Why 1ViewTask is Hubstaff

User-Friendly Interface


Project Dashboard

Eagle Eye View

Time tracking

Time Off Requests

Timely Screen Capturing Feature

Multiple Projects

Default Maker Checker Concept

Detailed Task Generation

Quick Task Generation

Document storage

Compliance tracking

Real-time Updates

Regular Reminders

Live Chat Feature

Client Portal

Automated scheduling

Reports generation

Approval process

Time Tracking


Privacy concerns


No cost plans

Free trial period of basic version for one user- only allows basic time tracking features
Unlimited for the first user- gives access to all the major task management and time management features
Zero Cost Enterprise level services for the first


Desk free: Free for the first user Desk Starter:
~$5.83 per month per user
Free for a single user
Pricing for Business

$8.33 per user/month
It starts at $200 for two users. ~$140 per year, only two users allowed in this plan
$ 1.99 per user/month to enable this feature with basic.
24*7 support staff

Phone Customer Support


Calendar Synchronization

Communication channel


The comparative table provides a comprehensive understanding of the features of both software options, allowing you the opportunity to select between the two. Select wisely!

The Final Call: 1ViewTask or Hubstaff

Though both software options have numerous features and incorporate the latest technologies in the market, as a client, it is crucial to select the technology that aligns with your specific requirements is crucial. Among them, 1ViewTask stands out as an exceptional task management tool.

The 1ViewTask dashboard offers a distinct view that enhances user convenience. In addition to efficient task management, it provides time-tracking features that simplify time management and offer detailed analyses of employees’ productive hours. The software also allows you to generate productivity reports and detailed summaries of employees’ work. Additionally, it offers guest access functionality and much more.

While the list of features is extensive, the ultimate decision lies with the user. We recommend trying out the application before making conclusions to gain a better understanding of its functionality. The aforementioned feature list provides a transparent analysis of the strengths that make 1ViewTask a competitive choice.

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