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1ViewTask’s Screen Capture Feature

Maximizing Productivity with 1ViewTask’s Screen Capture Feature


The ever-changing business world witnessed another major jolt with Covid-19 and the pandemic accelerated the pace of change in the business world significantly. Every person was locked in their houses and with no connectivity and physical presence, the world came to a halt. But the working style that saved the industries to a major extent has to be given its due credit. One major change that has become a common working style is remote working.


Companies outsource to leverage skilled professionals, optimize the workforce, and increase productivity and efficiency. Remote working allows employees to work from any location without the need for relocation. While remote working has significant benefits for both employers and employees, managing remote teams can be complex and tedious.


The technology industry offers solutions to address this challenge, and one successful solution is the AI-powered screen capture function offered in task management applications. 1ViewTask is a task management tool that has implemented a screen capture function without compromising user privacy. Let’s explore how 1ViewTask’s screen capture function maximizes the productivity of remote teams!


Boosting Productivity with Role of Screen Capture Feature


AI has revolutionized the way we work, enhancing management efficiency. The Remote teams are tough to manage and need technology that supports the management to manage the remote teams. Can you consider screenshots being used as a tool to improve the regulation of remote teams? Screenshots have become a common practice, but have you considered using them to monitor remote teams and improve management?


1ViewTask has successfully incorporated the  AI-powered screen capture feature that utilizes screenshots to monitor user screens at a specific interval of 3 minutes, providing management with insights into remote employees’ activities and enabling them to offer solutions. The features can be adjusted as needed, allowing the tool to record screens and help management identify any distractions for employees. The screenshots are timed and once you have the software downloaded you can utilize them. Say the tool captures twenty screenshots in 1 work hour, these screenshots give an insight into the worker’s productive time to the manager, who can assess the employee’s performance better.


The tool includes a feature that captures the screen when an employee visits a distracting website and saves it for future reference. For instance, if the manager designates websites like Facebook, Youtube, or other entertainment sites as distractions and an employee accesses them during working hours, the tool promptly takes a screenshot, which can be reviewed by the management.


1ViewTask has successfully implemented the screen capture feature while maintaining user data security. After implementing the AI screen capture feature, 1ViewTask has observed a boost in the productivity of remote employees. Let’s delve into the benefits of this feature!


The Benefits of 1ViewTask’s AI Screen Capture Feature


Insight into the productive hours

The screen capture feature empowers management to monitor remote employees effectively. On occasion, remote employees encounter challenges in effectively communicating issues related to their tasks, resulting in a communication gap between the team and management. Analyzing the captured screens provides management with insights into employee distractions, enabling them to take appropriate action.


Record of the workdays

Management often needs to keep track of employees’ off days, even across different time zones. The screen capture feature in 1ViewTask captures screens with timestamps, providing records of active working hours and streamlining record-keeping processes.


Motivation and Productivity

Remote workers may experience a lack of motivation while working alone. Through the captured screenshots, management can track screen hours and motivate them in their hours of need. In 1ViewTask, the time recording and screen capture feature offer workers insights into their productive hours, idle hours, and deleted hours, helping them understand requirements and plan work strategies to maximize productivity.


Assessing the performance

Management often needs to track the time spent on different projects by individuals, and screenshots facilitate this process. By analyzing these screenshots, the tool can create productivity graphs and detailed reports for employees across various projects and provide the necessary support. Additionally, they can manage teams and projects based on employee output.


Why Choose 1ViewTask?

As we are replacing three applications in single platform.


With numerous task management tools featuring screen capture capabilities, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Here’s why you should consider 1ViewTask for your work: User convenience is a top priority. 1ViewTask offers a wide range of features with easy operation.


The screen capture feature may raise concerns about privacy invasion. However, 1ViewTask prioritizes user data security and provides support to address any employee concerns or confusion. The 1ViewTask team continuously upgrades the tool and adds new features to enhance user productivity. 1ViewTask offers a single platform user convenience features like integration, where you can collaborate with other platforms such as Calendar, Jira, and many others, which reduces the need of switching platforms while working. This saves time and focus for the user.


1ViewTask users offer all-time customer support to their users and resolve any bug or feature lapses at regular intervals. For more information and a free demo of the tool, you can visit our website.