12 Effective Task Management Strategies for Project Managers

12 Effective Task Management Strategies for Project Managers

Every project manager has a lot on their plate and a bag full of responsibilities is hung on their shoulders. Managers involved in multiple tasking and team members also play different roles in the completion of the project. For a project to be successful, the project manager needs to plan and organize everything. Applying the right strategy is important as it helps in the regulation of smooth workflow among the team members. Just for the sake of excellent project management, task management tools have been invented. Applying traditional methods to projects is a little difficult in today’s date and tools have made things easier to manage for project managers. In this blog, we will discuss 12 strategies for project managers that will help them in achieving their goals.

Source:   Top 10 Best Project Management Tools, 2023

  • Define Project Goals and Objectives: Before beginning with the project, the manager must plan and jot down all the goals and objectives that they are aiming to achieve. This helps in thinking straight and tasks can be put in order as per their priority.


  • Distribute Roles and Responsibilities: Handing over different roles and responsibilities to the team members is important for effective task management. This helps in the regulation of tasks from time to time and a workflow system is established among the team.
Maker Checker Concept

1ViewTask- Default Workflow (Maker Checker Concept)

  • Delegate the Tasks into Pieces: When bigger tasks are broken down into smaller pieces, they can be completed in a shorter period. Tasks should be distributed equally among everyone so that the contribution made by every single member is also equal and their productivity can be determined.


  • Make Clear Communication: In project work, the team is supposed to have regular communication so that the work being done is accurate and there is coordination among the team members. This is only possible if a top-rated task management tool is put into effect.


  • Track Time Daily: Another important strategy to put into practice is time tracking. Keeping track of time while working on a task is necessary as it helps in determining the total working hours. Project managers can ascertain how much time has been consumed by the respective project.
Time Tracking Tool

1ViewTask- Time Tracking

  • Maintain Work Records: Keeping track of tasks and maintaining records is a necessary step to take when you are working on a huge project. Project managers can easily generate daily reports by using management software. Storing these records can help in remembering the project work and the tasks that have been completed.


  • Give Feedback: As a project manager, it is your responsibility to keep a check on the work of the team. Giving feedback is important as it helps the team to understand where they are lacking and what part of the project requires changes. Be polite and patient but keep your point.


  • Keep Track of Risks: It is obvious that every project work involves risks, and sometimes misunderstandings too. So be alert and careful of every single step that you take and ask your team to do the same. Try to make a comfortable environment so that a communication barrier is not there.


  • Motivate Your Team: Motivation is an integral part of working. No team can focus if they are not motivated enough or have the urge to work. Being a project manager, one should always check up on their team members if they are okay and boast their confidence to do better in the project.


  • Use Methodologies: Applying the right working method to the project is important. Project managers should be aware of such methodologies and must apply the same while the team is working on the tasks.


  • Work With the Team Frequently: Teamwork is best suited for projects. Hence, project managers should focus on teamwork more often and work with them. This helps the team members in becoming better with their skills.


  • Be a Good Leader: A team of projects always looks up to their leader and if the leader is gentle, the project output will always be perfect. So if you are a manager, make sure that you are gentle with your team and do not pressurize them for work, they already are stressed.

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