Excellence with performance reporting

Achieving Excellence with Performance Reporting

Achieving excellence in any project requires proper planning and effective execution. Performance reporting is one of the major aspects of project or task management. Regular performance reporting helps the project managers monitor everyone’s work routine and time efficiency. Managers check the productivity of the employees and scan through their strengths and weaknesses. This helps the team to improve time management and speed of working. There are traditional and modern methods of analyzing the performance report. However, traditional methods are not that useful compared to modern methods.  

Talking about modern methods of performance reporting, immense features. These report-generating features turn out to be helpful to project managers and employees as well. 1ViewTask is one of the finest task management tools that has been in the market for a while now. With the help of this tool, you can take a full-fledged view of your daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly reports via the dashboard. Not only this, time tracking and task management also become easier.

1ViewTask- Dashboard

Once you sign up for this tool, you get the feature to create your tasks. After completing your task, you can get your task reviewed by another team member. Another amazing feature offered by this tool is generating performance reports. For reports, you need to click on My Dashboard and you will be redirected to a whole new page. In the dashboard, you can take a full-fledged view of the work done by you and your other team members. You get to view your work in three types of views: Eagle View, Productivity View, and Detailed Report. All three views give different formats of reports, you can filter the report at your convenience and an Excel sheet can be generated in a single click. 


Productivity Report - Last 7 Days

Productivity Report – Last 7 Days

With the help of performance report tracks, the overall productivity of the employees tends to increase by almost 30% if you use this tool. Moreover, management of time becomes better as you can track your time with the help of this tool and make sure that your deadlines are met. Achieving perfection with the help of performance tracking is easy if you know the right technique for generating reports. If you are a project manager, this feature is perfect for you because you can check the working hours of your team members. You can also see through the tasks that have been completed and granting appraisal will also become easier for you.

1ViewTask Dashboard- Detailed Report

If I talk about myself, I am also a project manager and I have had a lot of work on my plate lately. Because my team works in a remote mode, I was not able to track or generate any work report and deadlines were always delayed from the employee’s end. later, I got familiar with 1ViewTask and that is when things took a positive turn for me. Using this tool, I assign daily and weekly tasks to my teammates. Every week I generate a work report and check up on the total working hours devoted by them. I attain an Excel sheet that portrays every single detail about the task. This way I can see through the overall productivity of my team members and deadlines are met easily. My teammates can manage their time and they give better performances too.  

So, it can be concluded that using a task management tool like 1ViewTask will bring an amazing result. To get a hold of this amazing tool, you need to sign up fast. The tool is completely free for 1 user with enterprise-level features for a lifetime and the app is available on Android and ios too. Also, once your workspace is created, daily reminder emails will be sent reminding you of your tasks. You don’t have to worry about your work now because 1ViewTask is there for you.

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