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Project management is the application of process, method, skill, knowledge, and experience to attain certain objectives according to the criteria of the project within agreed parameters. A project is undertaken to achieve planned objectives that could give out some useful outcomes and benefits. Time, cost, and quality and the building blocks of a project. It is the initiation, planning, and control of tasks that are needed to be done. A team of productive people is required to focus on a specific project; hence, effective teamwork is the key to a successful project.  

Investment in effective project management will give you several benefits: 

  • Higher chances of achieving the desired goal 
  • Ensuring the value of resources
  • Satisfying the need of projects stakeholders

Task management is important while a project is in progress, it lets you keep a track of the deadline and helps the team in becoming time efficient. Task management ensures that the project is divided into multiple partitions so project managers keep the workflow stable. Projects need proper project management software, and 1ViewTask will help you achieve your goal. This tool has several advanced features that will do the work for you. 

A few advantages of using a task management tool are: 

  • Prioritize your tasks– For successful project management, managers need to prioritize their team’s tasks. While a task is created, it can be prioritized alongside the time needed to complete the task. Project managers need to be attentive to the tasks that are of higher priority because it’s the managers’ decisions that can make and break a project.
  • Consistent project workflow– To achieve the perfect workflow, a task management solution is required for the project managers. It helps to track the status of every task that has been assigned to the team members. Everyone can see the percentage of finished and unfinished tasks and the flow of the project remains stable.
  • Result-oriented collaboration of the team– When a team is working on a project, several tasks are assigned to different members, and for a smooth workflow, the project manager must plan, prioritize and evaluate tasks every day. If anyone is stuck with their task, the manager must come forward and support his team members, this will strengthen overall teamwork and collaboration.
  • Improved decision-making– Project managers can promise better utilization of resources by keeping clarity about the task’s progress. Resources are needed to be managed carefully to complete the task systematically.  


What role will 1ViewTask play in project management?  

This task management tool allows you to create tasks, and manage projects in an organized way. You can create your own company and add unlimited members to it. Create your tasks, give them a proper description, and set their priority, start date, time, activity-sub activity, client, compliance, section, and penalty cost. You can attach the required documents to show what task has been done so far. 

One interesting feature within task creation is the maker-checker concept. While you are creating a task, you get to choose the assignee, the one who will complete the task, that person could be you or any of your team members, select the hours needed to complete a task, and set a reminder if required. Then, you can select a person as a reviewer who will review the task once it is done, he can add a comment and put the task in return if it needs any changes. In that case, the assignee needs to make the changes and submit the task again. This feature is used when there is a huge task to be completed. The finance department tends to use this feature the most.

Maker Checker Process

1ViewTask- Default Workflow (Maker Checker Concept)

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Here’s a use case, of how 1ViewTask will come into use! 

Project management begins with planning, and strategizing where managers are supposed to come up with desired goals, and a list of stakeholders. Next comes the implementation of the project and 1ViewTask has a role to play here. You get to work with your internal and external shareholders through external sharing.  

For example, you hired an agency to manage your finances. This tool will help you in keeping finance in sync with your current status by allowing you to share the team’s work externally and add guest users to your company and let them complete some tasks for you. Invite your clients and vendors to go through your project and they can add comments for you.  

The notification feature is one of the most significant ones. You get to set reminders for yourself to make sure that payments, cheques, and drafts are released on time. We send a reminder via email that will help you keep a track of your deadline.  

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up on 1ViewTask and manage your projects and compliances in a single place. Our app is available on Android and IOS too.

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