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Behind the Scenes: How 1ViewTask’s Latest Features Give You the Inside Scoop on Time and Task Management

Productivity is a term that every business in the corporate world aims to achieve. It is something that a team brings in by working on a set of projects or tasks. With the advancement in technology, the way of team working has now evolved, and it turns out that achieving goals has now become a step easier. This is because of the introduction of task management tools like 1ViewTask in the marketplace. Tools have made an impact on people’s work, and I am sure you have heard about 1ViewTask earlier. The tool is embedded with ample new features that you won’t find in any other tool.  

Just so you know, 1ViewTask is a tool not only designed for task creation, time tracking, and prioritization but also designed for providing a real-time working experience to the users. With the help of its new screen capture features, you can easily see through your team’s work. No matter, if your team is remotely working, generating reports, and keeping a check, won’t be an issue anymore. In this blog, I will tell you all about this tool and how you can become efficient at time and task management.  

First, let me cite an example for you: suppose you are a project manager who is supposed to assign tasks to the team members, and you need to report everything to the vendors timely. The first thing that you will do using 1ViewTask is, assign the required tasks to the respective team members, you will distribute different roles and responsibilities. Next, you will be remarked as the reviewer for each, and every task, and a record will be kept within the tool itself. Now, as the admin, you will add the vendors/clients to the portal for letting them take a live view of all the work that is being done by the team. Also, they can take a full-fledged view of the time that has been utilized by the entire team. This way, the project-related tasks are monitored, and clients/vendors are also satisfied. Moreover, you can get task management, screen capture, and conversation all in a sole platform.  

I am sure that from the above example, you know have gained at least a rough insight into the working of this task management tool. Diving deeper, you will also get to know that your business-related emails can also be customized into tasks. All you need to do is click on the email that you need to convert, select the add-in of 1ViewTask, and then you will see a pop-up screen showing the quick task bar of the tool. The title of your email will automatically become the name of your task, you can alter the requirements as per your need. Also, you can select details like priority, assignee, reviewer, and activity type. Once you are done, publish the task and it will appear on your user screen. This brand-new feature makes task management much easier, and I am sure no other tool will offer you a feature like this one.  

Moving on further, everyone understands that communication and coordination are the key pillars of a team’s work. Miscommunication often leads to misunderstandings which cause further trouble and hampers the project. This is why we have embedded our tool with the feature of chat too. Whilst a team works on a task, they can discuss it together on the tool itself.  

Conversation makes everything clear and the chances of making mistakes reduce. Also, a record of everything can be kept within the tool itself. Talking about records, taking hold of timely reports is something every manager must do. Using 1ViewTask, this goal can be achieved by making a few clicks because all the reports are available on the dashboard. With different kinds of views and filters, you can choose what suits you best and take a copy of the report out for yourself.  

Apart from these features, there are some special features that only the admin gets to take hold of. All the company-related details can only be entered and modified by the admin. They get the authority to add clients and vendors and send them reports of the work that is being done by the entire team. It is the admin who makes sure that every task is being done and clients are able to experience real-time updates of everything. The head can add and manage other companies too and also keeping track of the total working hours of the team becomes easier.  

Clients and vendors are the people who get their projects done by a particular firm. Every client wishes to keep a check on the work that is in progress which is why our tool has come up with the feature of adding clients to the portal. Once the limited-period access is granted to the vendors/clients, they can take a full-fledged view of everything and make an update. They can also complete a task if assigned by someone or they can add their own comments in case some tasks require changes. This is how our tool works and you can learn more if you use the tool for yourself.  

On the end note, it is compliable to say that using 1ViewTask for firm benefits and personal benefits is one of the finest decisions someone can make. This tool will help you gain exposure in the corporate world, and you can aim for becoming a self-sufficient and time-efficient person. Gaining new experiences helps a person in learning a lot of lessons. This could be your chance to grab the opportunity of using AI-enabled tools and put your work in place.  

In summary, I can conclude that using this amazing tool can make a change for good. Gaining real-time experience is not possible in all the tools, and with 1ViewTask, you can showcase all the work to your specific clients/vendors. Also, you will get daily reminders for your pending tasks and due dates, this makes meeting deadlines easier. There is a lot more to this tool besides these features, but for exploring that you need to sign up on this tool. 1ViewTask is free for 1 user with enterprise-level features and you can also get a free demo. Moreover, we are organizing a webinar soon where our team will let you know all about its latest features and how you can access them so stay tuned with us. 

You can install the app on your Android and iOS too. Don’t hesitate to sign up through our website and we will provide you with a free demo too. And you can download a desktop Windows app also for extra features like screen capturing, employee monitoring, etc. For more information, you can follow us on LinkedInInstagramFacebook, and Twitter.