Dive Into default workflow Concept with 1ViewTask

Here’s all you need to know about the default workflow

Task management is the procedure of monitoring a project’s tasks through the stages from start to finish. There are several project management tools and 1ViewTask is one of them. Our tool has a lot to offer and consists of some amazing features that will help increase the team’s productivity by 30%. By the end of this blog, you will learn all about default workflow. 

Default workflow is the most important feature of 1ViewTas because this feature helps in rectifying problems and approving a task. The maker-checker part has a vital role to play in project management. A task is allotted to an assignee. The assignee is the person who has to complete the task. They can set the number of hours needed to complete the task. A reminder can be set up to get notified about the task.  

A person can be put as a reviewer. The Reviewer is the person who needs to check if the task is appropriate or needs changes. The reviewer needs to go through the task. If they feel like the work needs some changes, they can add some comments. The task can be put into the returned status. In that case, the assignee needs to make the changes and submit the work again. Once the task is approved, it can be classified as completed.  

You can select someone as an escalator. Just in case, if the assignee and the reviewer fail at doing their jobs, a notification pops up to the escalation manager. They can ask the assignee or the reviewer for the status of the task.

Maker Checker Concept

1ViewTask- Default Workflow (Maker Checker Concept)

Here are a few advantages of the default workflow system: 

  1. Reduced chances of errorsno work can be perfect but being careful about errors is a must. With the workflow management system, it becomes easier to spot errors. The reviewer can pinpoint some corrections wherever needed.  
  2. Increased connectivity– Employees can connect better through default workflow as they get to work on various tasks together. You can use the data to improve the overall workflow.
  3. Increase in productivityteam members save ample time by sending emails because the workflow is automated.  
  4. Increased trust and controlthere are improvements in the team’s trust, transparency, and control. They work together through the default workflow system. Every task takes place in front of the team and managers become comfortable delegating the tasks to the team members.
  5. Improvement in work culturedefault workflow system helps in keeping track of the tasks that are completed and keeps the work organized. Managers can control the team’s work and the output becomes better.  

 Sign up today and take hold of all the amazing features that 1ViewTask has to offer. Our app is available on Android and IOS too. You will get regular notifications via email related to the status of your tasks. Our app is free for 1 user with enterprise-level features for a lifetime and you can add unlimited members to your team.

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