Screen monitoring

Ensure Remote Work Perfection With 1ViewTask’s Screen Monitoring Features

Times have changed and most of the companies prefer working in a remote mode. Everything comes with advantages and disadvantages, so is for the remote mode work. There are times when workload reaches heights and employees lose track of their work and time as well. This affects the overall work and the team’s coordination channel tends to break. Moreover, the employee often loses their productivity. This is why the concept of task management tools has been launched in the market. 1ViewTask is one tool that can help you achieve the goal you want to take over.  

Our project management tool offers ample features like task creation, default workflow, time tracking, screen monitoring, a dashboard, adding guest users, prioritization, and compliance management. We have talked about every single feature in detail earlier and in this blog, all our focus will be on 1ViewTask’s screen monitoring feature.  

Speaking of screen monitoring, some employees working in a remote mode have certain deadlines to fulfill and need a time tracker to ensure they can complete their work on time. This is why using 1ViewTask will suit you best. Using our time tracker feature, you can turn it on once you have begun working on a task, you can pause the timer in case you took a small break and resume it when you are back. You can stop the tracker once your task is fully completed and ready for submission. The time you track will contribute to your total working hours in the dashboard and will make an effect on your overall productivity.  

If you have limited time to work on a project/task, set the timer as needed and turn it on. Also, when the time tracker is turned on, your screen will capture automated screenshots to detect what all work was done during the time period. You can store the screenshots for your personal purposes or to show your project manager. We have many users and almost every single one of them loved this feature. You can even catch some errors by watching the screenshots captured by the tracker.  

Regular usage of this feature will help you get ten times better at your time management and your overall productivity will increase by almost 30%. This change is guaranteed to you by the team of 1ViewTask. Apart from screen monitoring and error mapping, you can also take a surveillance check as a project manager and keep track of every employee working in remote mode. The dashboard is the feature that you will use for monitoring reports. You get three different kinds of views that you can use to generate reports. Also, the total working hours and productivity of the employee can easily be determined.  

From time tracking to gaining real-time working experience, this tool will give you everything. There is so much more to 1ViewTask that you can explore by signing up for the tool. The software is free for 1 user with enterprise-level features and will help you learn a lot of new things. You can install the app on your Android and iOS too. Don’t hesitate to write us through our website and we will provide you with a free demo too.