Team coordination

Team Coordination: The Key to Successful Task Execution

Team coordination is labeled as one of the most essential factors in achieving successful task execution. Without coordination, teams often experience delays in deadlines, lack of unity, lack of decision-making, misunderstandings, and mistakes that hamper the overall work of a firm. Therefore, to avoid such pitfalls it is necessary for the employees to understand the role of team coordination.  

A team usually consists of multiple people who have different roles and responsibilities to fulfill within the company. All of them require efficiency in their respective field which further helps in establishing the communication required for completing a task or a project. Effective task execution begins with coordination itself. Team members need to have an open conversation with one another about clarity on each other roles. Assigning tasks, reviewing tasks, meeting deadline, and creating an understanding is all a part of coordination.  

Once the panel of communication is all set, working becomes smooth and deadlines are met easily. All companies use their ways of coordination, however, technology has evolved and a new method of coordination is now launched into the marketplace. There are certain task management tools available using which team coordination can be achieved easily. 1ViewTask is one of the finest tools that you can find on Android and Ios as well.  

1ViewTask is a tool that comprises enormous advanced features that will help you in completing your projects and the team will get better in time management too. The tool is perfect for people who work on a remote basis. You can create and assign tasks to the entire team in one go, reviewers can be set too. Tasks can be categorized into different categories as per their urgency and deadline. Also, every team member can use the time tracker that will help them to check how time efficient they are on a daily basis.  

Some employees are not able to communicate clearly, but by using this tool the problem of communication can be solved. Every time a team works on a task, they can communicate easily by using the chat feature, and comments can be added on each and every task that requires changes. Also, the chances of misunderstanding will reduce. This way task and project management can come into place and team efficiency can also increase.  

Effective task execution and team coordination require ultimate leadership. Using this tool, you can gain admin access if you are the project manager. You can add external guest users to your team and manage everything with ease as well. Generating work reports is one of the most important tasks that a project manager must do. Gratefully, 1ViewTask can make this task easier for you because this tool provides you with a dashboard. There are three different types of views of dashboards using which you can check up on the teamwork and individual productivity of the employee too.  

For better understanding, let me cite an example for you. I am one of the keen users of 1ViewTask, I am a team leader and my team comprises five members who have different roles to fulfill. I recently had a project to work on so I made a list of tasks that were required to be done by the team. Using this tool, I assigned tasks to the team members, I was the reviewer for all the tasks that had been given to them. I also asked the team to use the time tracker so that I could check their speed and total working hours. The team used the chat to clear all their doubts and worked together. The project took around a week and I checked up on their daily work using the dashboard feature. I was able to generate a full-fledged Excel sheet by making a single click and keeping track of work became a piece of cake for me. Earlier, generating reports was a hectic task for me but with 1ViewTask, task execution, and report generation have become better and easier. Also, my team has gotten better at making open communication and they are all in sync now, which has positively impacted their overall productivity.  

The dashboard feature turns out to be very useful for project managers. 1ViewTask also guarantees an increase of about 30% in the overall productivity of the team. Task execution becomes way too better and the team starts to coordinate clearly. On the end note, clear communication, and coordination are the two key pillars of accurate task execution. So, using a task management tool can help a lot and if you are a project manager, you should hurry up and sign up on 1ViewTask. The tool is completely free for 1 user with enterprise-level features for a lifetime and a demo will also be provided to you by the team of 1ViewTask.

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