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The Importance of Communication and Coordination in Task Management: How 1ViewTask Can Help

Communication and coordination are considered the two most important pillars of task management. It influences every single step of management and planning, organization, directing, and controlling all come under these two pillars. Every firm is expected to build a strong communication channel so that job performance is appropriate, and the employees are satisfied. There are times when companies experience trouble with communication and coordination which further causes trouble to the team members and often leads to major misunderstandings. These hampers work on a huge scale and managers are unable to fulfill their goals.  

Technology has advanced and the solution to these basic problems is not launched into the marketplace. The solution is known as the “Task Management Tool” and 1ViewTask is such an advanced AI/ML-enabled tool that comes with tons of embedded features within. From managing communication, tasks, and projects to sharing work with clients/vendors, this tool will offer you everything you are looking for. In this blog, you will learn about the importance of communication in task management and how this amazing tool can help you out. But first, let us dive into some of the features of 1ViewTask.  

Features of 1ViewTask 

There are enormous features offered by 1ViewTask. Beginning with task creation, you get to create and customize your own tasks within the tool. While you create one, you get the option to add a description, company name, activity type, compliance type, section, penalty cost, recurrence, start time, start-due date, priority, assignee, reviewer, and escalation. You can also attach the required documents, or even create a checklist. Once you have created the task, you can publish it. You can save time by creating quick tasks too. Also, you get three different bars where you can view your to-do tasks, in-progress ones, and completed ones.  

Another interesting concept of the maker and checker is introduced by this tool. As per this concept, a task must be completed by the assignee, and once it is completed, a notification is sent to the reviewer. The reviewer must make sure that the task done is intact and if there are any changes, they have to be made by the assignee. This way the work is completed within the expected time and double check makes sure that there are zero errors.  

Further, you get the dashboard from where you can access your work reports. You get three different kinds of views comprising eagle view, productivity view, and detailed report. Using this feature, you can determine your productivity and total working hours. You get to filter the report as per your needs and an Excel sheet can also be generated by making a single click. This helps managers to keep a track of everything, reports can be generated on daily basis.  

Moreover, you also get the chat feature using which you can discuss any project with your team members and get their ideas or opinion on a task. Coordinating with others becomes easier because tasks can be assigned to multiple members of the team and they all can complete portions of it simultaneously. There are other features like regular emails being sent to the users reminding them of their pending tasks and due dates. With this, let us understand the importance of communication and coordination.  

Importance of Communication and Coordination  

Communication is the key to effective task management as it involves the active exchange of words, ideas, and opinions that determine the functioning of project work. it ensures that every team member is aware of the sole roles and responsibilities that they need to play while working on a particular task/project. They all are supposed to think about achieving the same goal as set by their manager. An effective conversation helps in addressing common issues and workflow can become smoother and faster if everyone participates and opens up on the same scale.  

On the other hand, coordination is all about managing and organizing the work in an efficient manner. Everyone has to participate while working, and good coordination results in meeting deadlines quickly. The results turn out to be better and the frequency of errors reduces to almost zero. Communication and coordination together make a huge difference in the working scale of the team.  

The Role of 1ViewTask in Managing Tasks  

Better Communication – The chat feature of this tool provides users exposure to sharing their ideas and opinions openly. Effective communication and coordination is the key to achieving desired goals. Also, comments can be added to the tasks that require changes.  


Easy Task Creation – With this tool, you can create detailed and quick tasks. You can enter all the task-related details and publish them once you are done. Work on the task and move it to the completed bar. You get to manage all your tasks and compliances in a single place, bifurcation can be done by applying certain filters of choice.  

Easy Task Creation


The Maker-Checker Concept – As explained above, you can apply this concept to tasks that require utter attention. Double-checking is made sure of and keeping a track of the tasks becomes easier. Also, the manager can keep an eye on the work that is being done by the team members.  

The Maker-Checker Concept


Monitoring Progress – 1ViewTask provides a platform to its users for tracking every single move. From managing tasks to experiencing real-time effects, the tool contains it all. Using the dashboard of 1ViewTask, you can monitor all your progress easily on a daily or weekly basis.  

Monitoring Progress


Easy Time Tracking – The time tracking feature of 1ViewTask comes into use for almost every user. Using a tracker, you can keep a check on how much time you are taking to complete a particular task. this contributes a part to your total working hours and helps to determine your productivity.  

Easy Time Tracking


Fine Reporting – Reporting to the managers becomes hassle-free when you know the right way. Using this tool, you can easily report to your team leader and deadlines can also be met. Task management along with perfect coordination is all you need for doing fine reporting.

Fine Reporting



On the end note, it is quite clear to say that 1ViewTask is the perfect tool for working on a huge project. The tool can also be used for personal use but if there are issues with communication and coordination among the team members, the tool is just perfect to use. Its daily reminders and the chat feature within task creation will help the team a lot. Also, using the dashboard, a track of productivity can be easily maintained. You can explore more of its features by signing up for the tool, it is completely free for 1 user with enterprise-level features for a lifetime. Also, you can get a free demo.

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