Role of Task Management Tool

The Role of Task Management Tools in Team Productivity

Management and coordination are the key pillars of a team, and no team can function well without proper task management. This is why task management tools have been introduced in the marketplace, one of the finest replacements for traditional working methods. Using these tools, not only you can get better at managing your daily work, but you can also get better at time management and a rise in overall productivity can also be noted. In this blog, we will explain in detail the role that task management tools play in increasing a team’s productivity.  

Productivity Report

1ViewTask Dashboard- Detailed Report

Prioritizing Important Tasks – When a team begins to rely on a task management tool, their work routine comes into shape, and prioritizing the important tasks first becomes necessary. You must shift your focus to the ones that require submission rather than paying attention to the least important tasks. The priority of a task can be easily set up while you are creating them in any tool of your choice.  

Organizing Tasks – Task organization is a challenge when you work using traditional methods, but it is a piece of cake with using management software. All the tasks that you work on are automatically saved into your portal and a full-fledged report of your work can be stimulated from the tool itself. All such software is best suited for task and project management in a single workplace.  

Improved Time Management – When tasks are equally divided and cut down into smaller chunks, time management comes into place. Some tools offer time tracking using which you can check how much time you are taking on completing the task. This way you can figure out how much time to give to completing which task. Also, you can say goodbye to the feelings of stress due to workload.  

Better Quality Work – Once the team is all set with a task management tool, the quality of work improves, and deadlines are met more easily. A smooth workflow channel is established, and the manager can ensure that the tasks being done are accurate and everything is intact. Traditional working methods often bring workload for the managers, but task management tools tend to ease everything.  


Now that you know of some roles that a task management tool can play in helping increase overall productivity, let us tell you about one of the finest tools. And that tool is 1ViewTask, an AI-enabled software embedded with some advanced-level features that tend to increase 30% the productivity of the users. There are enormous features like default workflow (maker-checker concept) where an assignee and reviewer are present for making sure that every task being done by the team is accurate enough. The task creation feature of this tool comes with multiple options that help the users to give a perfect description of the task. The task-related data can be stored by dividing it into various categories. Moreover, there is a whole dashboard using which managers can fetch the work report of any desirable team member.

Maker Checker Concept

1ViewTask- Default Workflow (Maker Checker Concept)

Besides, users get a daily morning email reminder of their pending tasks that require submission, and certain emails can also be converted into a task using the 1ViewTask add-in. Clients and vendors can be added as guest users to showcase the update of any task/project. This is just a disclaimer; the tool is quite vast with a diversity of features. And to test all these features, we would suggest you sign up for this tool today. The software is completely free for a user with enterprise-level features for a lifetime and the app is now available on Android and iOS as well.