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Why 1ViewTask is the Ultimate Solution for Small Teams?

There are so many businesses comprising a small team to manage everything. Such teams often have tons of work to do and are observed to be stressed and tied up with work only. Management of tasks can be hectic work to do, so task management tools are the right choice to opt for such teams. These tools are specially designed for keeping a record of tasks and other compliances in a single workplace. 1ViewTask is one such tool that aims to help small teams get better with time and task management along with helping them improve their overall productivity. In this blog, we will give you reasons why 1ViewTask is the only solution for your small team.  


Firstly, this software is enabled by artificial intelligence and comprises some of the finest features that allow users to create tasks and manage them hassle-free. The portal of 1ViewTask has three different panels on the main screen: To-do, In-progress, and completed. This panel depicts what tasks are pending, in process, and the ones that have been completed. Whilst you create tasks, you get ample options to provide a shape and meaning to your task including information like company name, compliance type, task name, description, start-due date, activity type, priority, tags, time, assignee, reviewer, escalation, checklist, and recurrence pattern. These are the properties of a detailed task, a quick task can also be created, but not much information is required for that kind of task.  

task creation


The tasks you create and complete will be stored on your portal and you can check any of them by searching them or through your 1ViewTask database. Moreover, with the help of this tool, you can easily get better with time management. The screen monitoring feature works wonder for small teams to capture every single move made on a task or a project. Once the timer is turned on, your screen will start capturing itself until you are working, and the timer is turned off. This will help the team monitor the overall time taken to complete a task and this time will contribute to the total working hours of the team too.  

screen monitring


Another brilliant concept for small teams offered by 1ViewTask is of default workflow, meaning the maker-checker concept. While you are creating a task, you are required to choose an assignee (the person who needs to complete the task) and a reviewer (the person who needs to double-check the task). This concept helps the team to ensure that every task being performed under the manager’s supervision is intact and perfect in all possible ways. You can say goodbye to your traditional methods of double-checking the work.  


Default Workflow

There are so many features held by 1ViewTask, if your team often feels the workload and tends to forget stuff, then this tool is perfect. The tasks that are created on a weekly or monthly basis are automatically set by the software. Every morning you will receive an email on your mobile phone reminding you of your deadline or tasks for the day. So, you can catch up with your work and the need of worrying will vanish. Besides, the work your team does can relate to the client or vendor too by adding them as guest users to the account. Being a guest user, your client will be able to monitor every move of the task/project and can suggest changes wherever required.  


Lastly, the performance of every team member can easily be monitored using the dashboard, the results can be seen in different types of views and the overall productivity can be anticipated. But to make all this possible, you need to sign up on the app of 1ViewTask which is now available on the app store. The tool is free for one user with enterprise-level features for a lifetime and you can get a free demo from our team’s side. Try the tool out and a 30% increase in your team’s productivity is guaranteed by us!