Goal Setting with The Help of Compliances

1ViewTask is the best compliance management software that allows users to generate tasks depending on the type of Compliance of the respective department. You can set up your Compliances in this tool and allot them with a single click on your task panel.

Compliance management system
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GST Filing

As a user, you can add a monthly/yearly task of GST filing. The task can be assigned to anyone who wishes to complete the payment for the same. A Reviewer and Escalator can be set up for the same to ensure that the task is completed. You will also get a reminder email before the task becomes due. This will help you remember and the GST will be filed on time.


Income Tax

In case your Income Tax is due, you can remember that too with the help of task assigning. You can choose an assignee, reviewer, and escalator for the same to ensure that this task is also completed on time. You can keep a record of all your payments within the tool itself.



Generating Time-Based Reports

Assigning someone tasks like GST and Income Tax filing looks like a task filled with responsibility. To make sure that the task is done, you can keep a track of all the reports. The report can be generated on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. It is all possible by making just a single click on the recurrence pattern while you create a task.


Setup your AUDIT compliances

  • Tax Audit – annually
  • ITR Return Company – annual
  • ITR Return Directors – annual
  • ROC Filing KYC: annual
  • GSTR9 Filing: monthly/quarterly
  • GST Filing 1 & 3B: monthly/quarterly
  • TDS Returns (Salary and Non-Salary): Monthly