10 Reasons Explaining Why Project Management Tools Should be Used?

10 Reasons Explaining Why Project Management Tools Should be Used?

Projects are a delicate matter subject for every company and initiating a project requires proper planning, organizing, and a good leader. Until a few years back, there were some special in-office methods that were used by the project managers to get a set of tasks completed by the team. But with time, the methods improved and changed into project management tools. There are ample tools available in the marketplace, these tools are specially designed for managing projects in a single place. Talking about the finest tool, 1ViewTask tops the list because this AI-enabled software has a lot to offer to its users. And in this blog, we will explain how 1ViewTask will help you in achieving your project management goals.

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  • Better Planning – With the help of 1ViewTask, things can be planned in a better way as this tool allows you to create checklists, contact the team members, and assign tasks on a single platform. You can decide on the theme and other roles and distribute them among the other team members.


  • Double Check of Tasks – The software has the feature of a maker-checker concept using which the tasks completed by the team can be reviewed by any of the team members or by the project manager. This makes sure that the work being done is intact and that there are no flaws in the overall workflow.


  • Streamlined Workflow – Using a project management tool can help you in achieving the goal of a smooth workflow. 1ViewTask is embedded with such features that automate such workflow and team members can be put in sync as per the tasks that are assigned to them.


  • Increased Productivity – Traditional working methods do not contribute to increasing overall productivity but project management tools surely do. With the help of enormous features provided to you by 1ViewTask, you can increase your team’s productivity by almost 30%.


  • Better Time Management – Managing time seems to be a trouble for most people but with this tool, you can track time and check how much time you are taking to complete a task. Also, the time you track will be added to your total working hours, so you can check your total productivity too.


  • Lesser Risks – Risks are always there in all kinds of projects, and efforts can be made to avoid such risks. Using 1ViewTask, you will be able to view all the work that is being done, and if you sense a problem, you can act immediately and try to overcome it.


  • Boost in Coordination – Communication and coordination are two major aspects of a project and with the help of software, you can improve that. The special chat feature of 1ViewTask allows the entire team to communicate with one another and make discussions on the required tasks.


  • Quick Report Generation – There is a dashboard on the software that helps you to generate weekly and daily work reports. The options provided are quite wide and three types of views are also available for the users. You can filter the options as per your need and generate an Excel too for the same.


  • Clarity on Roles and Responsibilities – Giving clarity on the roles and responsibilities of team members is important. And using 1ViewTask, you can allot the roles to the team while assigning them different tasks. This helps in better and more efficient task management.


  • Client Satisfaction – There is an interesting feature of adding clients/vendors to the portal. This will help you showcase work updates to the clients that are looking up to your team. being a project manager, it is your duty to keep up with everything, and the same you can do for the clients too now.


Using 1ViewTask can turn out to be the finest decision to make as a project manager. The tool has the feature of reminders too, every morning you will receive a task reminder via email reminding you of your tasks for the day or any due date. There is a lot more to this app than mentioned above, you can experience it for yourself by signing up for the tool. It is completely free for 1 user with enterprise-level features for a lifetime and our team will provide you with a free demo too. There are thousands of companies that have shifted to using project management tools and it is time for you too to take a step ahead and turn the traditional methods down.