reasons to use maker checker process

5 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs the Maker Checker Process

In today’s fast-paced world, every company wishes to have a perfect workflow. But not every firm is able to achieve its goals which is why the maker and checker process has been introduced in the market. In this process, two people are involved and they are supposed to work and approve of a task. Once a transaction/task has been completed by the assignee, it is further moved on to the checker/reviewer. This person must ensure that the work completed is intact and perfect in all possible ways. So, this way the process goes on for every project or task. You can easily find this concept or feature in a task management tool. People often don’t realize the importance of this concept and in this blog, I will give you 5 reasons why your organization needs the maker checker process.

Maker Checker Process

1ViewTask- Default Workflow (Maker Checker Concept)

Five Reasons Why You Need This Concept  

  1. For the prevention of human error – The maker checker concept is introduced for businesses and is designed for decreasing the level of human errors. With one person performing the task and another person approving it, the chances of errors gradually decrease. When the data is checked twice, it leads to better quality and a perfect outcome. The effect will directly fall upon the reputation of the business and its other operations.
  2. For ensuring security and preventing fraud – If the concept of maker and checker is not followed by a firm, the chances of fraud will probably increase. The purpose of assigning a checker is to see through the work that has been done. Once they make sure that the task is proper and error-free, only then things proceed further. This helps in improving the security of the work and prevents fraud too.
  3. Increase transparency among team members – Not all team members communicate with each other. This concept gives a chance to make better contact with one another and make work-related things transparent. When a maker and a checker are involved, different team members get along in completing a particular task or project. This is how things start to become transparent and working standards also improve with time.
  4. For meeting up deadlines – Meeting up with deadlines often becomes a difficult task to do when employees feel stressed and lousy with the workload. But this workload can reduce if one task is done at a time and the maker checker concept is followed. Using this, you and your team members can work on one thing at a time and deadlines can be met up easily and quickly. It is always best to follow up on this method otherwise managing work can become hectic. 
  5. Improving the quality of work – Applying the maker and checker concept can improve the quality of the work because two people are involved. They must recheck everything and make sure that the transaction made or the task completed is accurate. Changes are made simultaneously so the time is also utilized and the productivity of the employees also increases.  


As you now know the major five reasons why you need the maker and checker concept, you must look forward to applying this process in your daily life. You can take a hold of this process by signing up on a task management tool, there are many available. Once you begin using this concept, you will notice an improvement in your overall productivity. And if your company is brand new, you should initiate this process as soon as possible. This is because companies’ employees often face trouble later with time.  So you can sign up for a task management tool and take hold of this amazing feature.

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