Convert your email into a task

Check out how you can convert your email into a task

Do you know that you can convert your email into a task? Email is an important part of task management as it is the primary way of communicating and getting reminders. Therefore, if there is a query about a project or you need some help from your colleague, you will most likely use email to fulfill the purpose. A strong email management system is helpful for planning, and managing a project. If used correctly, email can contribute to boosting the overall productivity of the team members. Managing projects through email is not always an easy task to do. But you can make your work easy by converting your email directly into a task.  

A good Task management tool is required to do the linking job. 1ViewTask is one such tool that will help you achieve your goal. Sign up for Outlook and set up your email account. Click on the add-in option and select 1ViewTask from the menu. Then select the email that you want to convert into a task. The task window of the tool will appear on the right side of your screen. The good part about this feature is that our tool will pick up the task title from your email automatically.  

The company information that is added to the tool is stored on the local storage of Outlook and hence, this tool picks the information automatically while task creation from email. Add a description to your task or you can simply copy the email content to its description. The assignee is already there so you can either change it for someone else or let it remain the same. Put someone as a reviewer or escalator if necessary. Select the start time, recurrence pattern, start date, due date, client/location, and activity-sub-activity. Now, your task is ready to be published. 

1ViewTask- Convert your email into a task

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You can close the window and your task will be directed to the task manager window of your portal. This amazing feature is helpful in task and time management. Creating tasks from your emails helps you in prioritizing your important duties easily. You don’t need to jump to different windows for task creation, you can do it in a single click. So, you must take full advantage of this email conversion feature. Not all task management tools offer this feature but here we are, offering you our best.  

There is a lot more to this tool like default workflow, dashboard, and integration. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up to 1ViewTask today, organize your email inboxes in the workplace, and take hold of all its amazing features. You will get regular notifications about your task status via email. We guarantee a 30% increase in the overall productivity of the team members. You can get the app on Android and iOS too. This tool is free for 1 user with enterprise-level features for a lifetime and you get to add unlimited members and companies to it. Make sure you visit our website to get some more information.

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