Collaboration in the Digital Age: 1ViewTask’s Role

Team collaboration has become an integral part of every organization. No project can be completed without the collaboration of the team and their synchronization. Technology has evolved and task/project management tools have been introduced in the marketplace. 1ViewTask is one of the tools that has been there for a while now and its immense features are specially designed for collaboration purposes.


Teams often struggle with a lack of coordination and their communication channel is weak which makes a negative impact on their work. This issue can be resolved if you begin using 1ViewTask in your daily work routine. There are ample features that this tool will provide you with like the dashboard, default workflow, integrations, chat feature, screen monitoring, the addition of guest users, prioritization, recurrence pattern, and many more.


The application of 1ViewTask has been created to help teams in working together, regardless of where they are located and what device they have. By using this tool, you can experience an improvement in communication. Teams can communicate more efficiently using the chat feature and can discuss anything work-related. All team members can participate equally if the task has been created for multiple members. This will help them to get into synchronization. Instead of relying on emails from the project manager, you can easily chat and coordinate via the tool. This will also help in keeping a record of all the conversations that took place while working on a project.


When a company works in remote mode, the team is held responsible for all their actions that take a toll while working. Managers often ask their team members to be present on a video chat so that they can see what are team members actually doing while working. But this method can be replaced if you begin using 1ViewTask. The screen monitoring feature suits best for this kind of problem. As per the feature, once you turn the time tracker on, the screen will start capturing screenshots and every single move of screen work will be recorded. Once the tracker is stopped, the screenshot capturing will stop too. This way, the employees and managers can determine if any mistake is made or if the teammate is working or not.


Task creation is another specialty of 1ViewTask that can improve collaboration among team members. A task can be assigned to multiple team members in one go and you get several options to select the details like recurrence pattern, tags, priority, and company information like clients name, activity type, and start-due date. You can select the assignee and reviewer and task-related documents can also be attached along with the task. Once you are done with the information, the task can be published. In case you are in a hurry and you need to publish a small task, you can do it by using the quick task option that is present on the main screen.


Another advantage that you can get from using 1ViewTask is that you can get better at time management. The time tracker will help you see through how much time you take to complete a task and this time contributes to the total working hours too. Also, using this software, you can experience a 30% increase in your overall productivity. Lastly, collaboration is an integral part of every company and this goal will be easier to achieve if you get your team enrolled in the 1ViewTask app. The tool is completely free for 1 user with enterprise-level features for a lifetime so hurry up and see its features for yourself. Signup now with 1ViewTask and explore its all features.

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