Task Management Tool

Customizing 1ViewTask to Suit Your Team’s Needs

The term task management refers to keeping track of daily work using a suitable method or a platform for the same. There are so many tools available that help a team get their team’s work together and boost overall productivity. Speaking of one of the finest tools, 1ViewTask is the one that will suit you best. This tool has some of the best features like the maker-checker concept, dashboard, and email conversion into tasks that will contribute to fulfilling all the needs of a team. In this blog, we will discuss everything about how you can customize 1ViewTask for your team.

With the help of this tool, easy task creation can be done and these tasks can be customized as per the needs of the team. You can prioritize, set the recurrence pattern, select the start due date, add company information like its name, workspace, activities of activity, compliance, type, section, penalty, cost, and select assignee, reviewer, escalation, checklist, and task-related attachments can also be made. This task creation feature will help you to keep track of all the tasks, compliances, and projects in a single place. Your team does not have to worry about the deadlines anymore because this tool will send you daily notifications via email, reminding you of the tasks of the day. Moreover, all the tasks that you work on will be stored in three panels that will showcase on your main screen of the portal. These bars or known as the to-do bar, in progress, bar, and the completed bar. 

Apart from easy task creation, this tool helps you to apply the maker-checker concept on the tasks that you wish to get checked twice. As per this feature, whilst you are creating a task, you get the option to select an assignee, the person who is supposed to work on a task, there can be multiple assignees in one go. The other option that you get is to select a reviewer, the person who is supposed to double-check the task once it is done. There can be multiple reviewers also at a single time. This feature helps the team to make sure that the task that has been completed by the assignee is perfect in all possible ways. 

Speaking of customization, you can easily convert your work-related emails into a task. All you must do is select the email that you wish to convert into a task, then select the add-in of 1ViewTask and you will see that a small task panel will appear in front of you on the right side of your email. Using this panel, you can customize the task-related information that you need to publish on your portal. The system is quite smart and it automatically takes in the task name and a tiny name from the email itself. You can make the changes as per your feasibility. Once you are done, just click on publish and you are all set.  

Apart from this, there are many other features like screen monitoring, time tracking, and the dashboard. Screen monitoring and time tracker are used to track the total time that a team member takes to complete a task. The time tracked complies with the total working hours and productivity can be determined using the dashboard. The dashboard is a whole separate portal using which the work report of every team member can be determined. There are three different kinds of views that help in seeing through productivity and other reports. These reports can be downloaded and converted into an Excel sheet by making a single click. You can get a hold of all these amazing features by signing up for the tool. It is free for one user with enterprise-level features and a 30% increase in overall team productivity is guaranteed by the creators of 1ViewTask.