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In the ever-evolving work culture, organizations are actively seeking to integrate technologies into their operations that can optimize system productivity and enhance employee efficiency. The company’s management is highly interested in investing in the most cutting-edge technology available. However, with the rapid growth of the technology industry, it has become increasingly challenging for companies to select the most suitable software from the myriad of tools available in the market.


Despite this challenge, there are a few tools that stand out and are widely recognized for their exceptional qualities. This blog will discuss two such remarkable tools: 1ViewTask and DeskTime.


1ViewTask and DeskTime have gained significant recognition as management aids in recent times. Amid the pandemic, when businesses were struggling, these technologies proved to be a boon for companies, enabling them to seamlessly operate in both remote and on-site environments. Although both tools are highly esteemed, choosing between them can be a daunting task. To address this issue, we present a comprehensive list of features that can facilitate the decision-making process for users.


Understanding 1ViewTask and DeskTime

Before proceeding into comparison, let’s understand the two software briefly.


DeskTime is a fully automated, cloud-based time-tracking solution designed to record time, analyze data, and improve team productivity. This application has proven to be extremely beneficial for freelancers, as well as small and medium-sized companies.


On the other hand, 1ViewTask is a task management tool that not only facilitates task organization but also includes time tracking and employee performance monitoring features. It is a comprehensive tool that encompasses time management, task management, and employee monitoring, all in one platform. This tool has been successfully utilized by freelancers, as well as small, medium, and large-scale enterprises.


While both tools offer exceptional functionality, it is crucial to choose one that best fits your company’s needs and integrates seamlessly into your system. To make an informed decision, let us now delve into a detailed feature comparison between these two tools.


Compare the features of a DeskTime plan against the free 1ViewTask

Why Choose
1ViewTask Over DeskTime

Use Project Management Software That Scales You. See Why 1ViewTask is DeskTime

Task management

Task History

Task Calendar View

Schedule Task

Task Detailed Reports

Employee Monitoring

Screen capturing feature

Team Tasks

Idle Time Monitoring

Third-party Integrations

Detailed reports

Real-time updates

Activity Dashboard

Compliance management

Client Portal


Import/Export Documents

Default maker checker workflow

Client management

Email Notifications

Unlimited for the first user
Project Tracking

Support Live Chat

Unlimited for the first user- gives access to all the major task management and time management features
Free trial period of basic version for one user- only allows basic time tracking features
Team comparisons

Support Large Enterprises

only employee monitoring
$6.40 per month per user
Free for a single user
No cost plans

Free trial period of basic version for one user- only allows basic time tracking features
Unlimited for the first user- gives access to all the major task management and time management features
Zero Cost Enterprise level services for the first


Basic version: Free for the first user $4.87 per month per user
free for a single user
Pricing for Business

$6.82 per user/month
$ 1.99 per user/month to enable this feature with basic.
Pricing for Enterprise Plans

$13.64 per user per month
Let’s talk!
24*7 support staff

Performance analysis


The detailed feature table gives a deep insight into the feature differentiation of the two technologies. The comprehensive view of the table can help you understand the capabilities of the tools to make an informed decision for your firm.

Decision: 1ViewTask or DeskTime

When selecting any technology, it is essential to consider the available features, technological advancements, and market competition. However, one factor that significantly influences the decision-making process is the price of the technology. In this regard, 1ViewTask emerges as a viable alternative to DeskTime, offering outstanding features at a lower and more affordable cost.

Apart from the pricing aspect, it is crucial to comprehend the tool’s comprehensive capabilities. 1ViewTask excels in terms of functionality, setting it apart from other alternatives. While the ultimate decision rests with the user, we highly recommend taking a trial of the tool before concluding. This firsthand experience will provide valuable insights to aid in your decision-making process.

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