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Efficiency Maximization with 1ViewTask: Tips and Best Practices

Every individual work for their own good and they are satisfied with their working capacity only if they can maximize it all. Becoming efficient in everyday routine can be a challenging task for almost every employee because clouds of tiredness and laziness are there. Finding a solution to this issue will not resolve it unless the employees are willing to change their methods of working. However, the solution is quite simple, start using a task management tool like 1ViewTask and you will see how it works wonders for your entire team.  

Efficiency maximization is not a piece of cake and it requires utter patience. If you get yourself introduced to 1ViewTask, you will learn some effective ways that will help you in better task and time management. Let us cite some handful tips and practices that will turn out to be useful for your team. 

Delegate the Project Equally – A project is always divided into small chunks of tasks that are further assigned to the team members equally. Using the task creation feature of 1ViewTask, you can easily assign tasks to your team. Multiple assignees can be selected at once and you can select the task-related information like priority, activity type, recurrence pattern, due date, company information, or compliance type. The team can attach the document along with the task once they are done. This way delegation is done right and the team’s efficiency eventually approves.  


Maker Checker Concept

Prioritize What is Important – Tasks must be assigned in the order of its urgency, using this tool you can prioritize the task by selecting the right option. The team must work on what is important first and ignore the rest. Focus is important when you work on a project and a human brain can only operate on one thing at a time. Using 1ViewTask, focus can be improved and a better outcome can be expected from the team.  

Keep Track of Time – The feature of time tracking has been introduced in 1ViewTask to help users increase their overall productivity by at least 30%. Once the user begins with their task, they can turn the time tracker on to check how much time do they consume. Once they are done, stop the tracker and check for yourself. With time, users improve their working capacity which takes a positive toll on their total working hours. 

Time Tracking Tool

1ViewTask- Time Tracking

Plan on Your Next Step – Planning is the first thing that every project requires as it calculates to be the base of everything. With the help of 1ViewTask planning can be a piece of cake as tasks can be pre-assigned to the team. Project managers have the authority to work one step ahead of the team and keep the next task ready. This way planning is done in a righteous way and coordination and communication is also established among the team members.  

Record Your Output Timely – Keeping a record of everything becomes a necessity when you have a team to work with. Recording is the best thing to do as an individual too as it helps to understand how progressive a human is towards their job. With 1ViewTask, you get a whole dashboard using which you can track every single detail of your work routine. Be it solo or team, the tool will provide you with detailed insights into everyone. This makes out tool easy to rely on.

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On the end note, it can be said that using 1ViewTask will change things for a team. The tool will send a daily reminder of the tasks that require completion in the upcoming day. So if you have your tasks recur, the tool will do the rest for you. Also, the concept of a maker checker will ensure that the work done by the team is intact and free of errors. Completing projects hassle-free is the only goal of 1ViewTask as its features are designed for serving the same. To get your hands on this amazing tool, make sure to sign up now and install the app on your Android and iOS. Our team will provide you with a free demo so that your workflow is smooth ahead.

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