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From Bottlenecks to Smooth Workflow: How 1ViewTask’s Latest Features Can Help You Streamline Your Team’s Task Management Process

Task management is an essential aspect of all organizations. It consists of planning, organizing, and controlling the operations that are being held within a firm. Managing tasks can be challenging as it involves multiple people and not everyone has the same speed of working. Also, solving bottlenecks requires managerial skills. Gladly, the solution for such management-related problems is now there. The launch of task management tools has made the management process slightly easier. 1ViewTask is one of the tools that has been on the market for a while now. And in this blog, you will know about all the features of this tool and your workflow will become smoother.


The Features of 1ViewTask  

Task Creation – This exclusive feature of 1ViewTask allows users to create and manage their tasks in a single place. You can create two types of tasks – quick and detailed. In detailed tasks, you get to add all the relevant information like task name, description, recurrence pattern, priority, activity type, company type, compliance type, start-due date, assignee, reviewer, and escalation, and you can also add attachments. Once your task information is added, you can publish it and the task will display on your to-do bar. As for the quick task, you can assign a small task by selecting lesser options and it can be published. There are three bars on the main screen comprising the to-do, in-progress, and completed task bars. This way you can generate a list of tasks that are due and have been completed.  

Task Creation


Default WorkflowThis concept is brand new, and you probably will not find it in any other task management tool. The feature is also known as the maker-checker concept. In this concept, you can create a task and select an assignee. The assignee is the person who needs to complete the task. then, you can select a reviewer, the person who needs to double-check and approve the task that has been completed. If there are any changes, the reviewer can comment on the same and get it done by the assignee. The feature comes quite into use when there is a project going on and various tasks are assigned to the team members. Double-checking ensures that the completed tasks are perfect in all possible ways.  



DashboardThe dashboard feature of 1ViewTask helps the users to gain a handful of insights into their productivity. If you use the time tracker to track your working hours, the data will display accordingly in your dashboard. It offers three kinds of views namely, eagle view, detailed report, and productivity view. You can easily filter the data as per your needs, it can be categorized as per activity type, client/vendor name, or compliance type. All three types of views allow you to generate an Excel sheet of whichever section you need. This feature has made the manager’s tasks easier and helps them attain daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly work reports in a single click.  



Email Conversion into TaskAnother unique feature that has been launched by 1ViewTask is of converting emails into a task. All you need to do is select the email that you wish to convert, select the add-in of 1ViewTask, and click on it. A short task creation bar will open in front of you that will comprise email-related information. You can edit as per your choice but by default, the system enters your email subject into the task name and the receiver of the email is the assignee. You can add priority, activity, compliance type, and other information and publish the task once you are done. The task will automatically begin to display on your to-do bar of the portal.  

Reminders via Email – There are times when people forget that they have some pending tasks to work on. With 1ViewTask, that problem will be solved because this tool sends daily morning reminders via email. If you have an upcoming deadline, you will receive an email prior and submission can be made. This feature helps users to keep up with their daily tasks and doesn’t let them forget.  

Reminders via Email


Addition of Guest UsersAnother amazing feature offered by this tool is of adding clients/vendors to the portal. This helps the clients to see through all the project work that is being done by the team members and they could add comments if something required changes. The access provided to the clients is for a limited period of time but if they have the access, they are also a part of the company. The features are the same for them and limited by the admin.

Addition of Guest Users

The End Note 

To summarize, it can comply that 1ViewTask’s features are the finest and the tool has a lot to offer. A 30% increase in overall productivity is guaranteed and time management can be done easily. Moreover, its task creation features can make a person regular with working, throwing all the stress away. Delegation of tasks can be done in an efficient manner and track of everything can be kept on a single platform. You can maximize your productivity and change all the bottlenecks into a smooth workflow by signing up on 1ViewTask. The tool is absolutely free for 1 user with enterprise-level features for a lifetime and you can also get a free demo from our team.

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