Remote Teams

How 1ViewTask Helps Businesses with Remote Teams

Since the pandemic hit the entire world, most companies shifted their work to a remote mode. There are projects that need lots of time and coordination from the teams’ end which is only possible if the communication among them is strong enough. Being in remote mode, it sometimes gets difficult to bond with co-workers but there is now a solution to this problem. Using a task management tool like 1ViewTask will make working on a project comparatively easier and team members can focus on improving their productivity. In this blog, we will tell you about how businesses with remote teams can work in a better way using 1ViewTask.


Improvement in Coordination – Once you have your hands on 1ViewTask and you begin to use it for daily usage, you will notice an improvement in your team’s coordination. The chat and task creation feature allows the users to gain a perspective on the project that requires completion. Discussion can be made with the team using chat and the project manager can guide everyone equally. This way communication gets affected, and the coordination channel also activates.


Better Work Results – When team members get used to working with this tool, the output generation will improve eventually. The dashboard feature can help in checking the progress. Using different kinds of views, you can determine your overall productivity, and total working hours and generate an Excel sheet in case you need it for further reporting. The features of this tool are quite simple, and you can keep a record of all the tasks that you would have worked on.


Addition of guest users – Businesses often deal with clients who wish to get their projects done from remote teams. There are times when clients ask for a work report and with 1ViewTask, you can add your clients as guest users and let them make changes or comments wherever required. The guest users can check up on the work status and assist the team if necessary. This way your trust keeps building with the client, and they will see how organized your team is.


Distribution of Roles and Responsibilities – Using 1ViewTask dividing equal roles among the remote teams becomes easier. As per the responsibilities given to them, tasks can be divided equally too. The team can focus on what is important first and deliver the work before the deadline. Also, the team must use the time tracker to become efficient at managing time so their productivity can improve at a good pace.


Now that you know of some advantages that your business can gain by using 1ViewTask for the sake of 1ViewTask, you must check out all its features by signing up for yourself. There is so much more to this tool that you will get to explore like the email conversion into a task. This feature allows users to insert an add-in of 1ViewTask on the email using which any email can be automatically converted into a task. Moreover, the software will send you daily notifications via email to remind you of the pending tasks for the day. So, hurry up and sign up now, the tool is completely free for 1 user with enterprise-level features for a lifetime and our team will provide you with a free demo too.

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