Streamline Project Management Process

How 1ViewTask Streamlines Project Management Processes

Project management is one of the most integral parts of a firm. Every single process of a project requires ultimate streamlining from the team’s end. This is only possible if the right tactics are used for streamlining project management processes. The word streamline means bringing out the efficiency of a task/project. Workflows can be streamlined by making a better communication flow and a better project plan. All these goals can take place only if you use a tool like 1ViewTask, specially designed for streamlining project management.  

1ViewTask is a project management tool that comprises various features that can help project managers in achieving their desired goals. Planning, organizing, and managing are all a part of the project management process, and this tool will cover everything. From task creation to report generation, 1ViewTask has it all. Using this tool, you can create a better project plan for your team and assign different roles and responsibilities to your team members right away. This will help them to understand their duties clearly and they can coordinate with each other too.  

Once the channel of coordination and communication is established while creating plans, you can assign different tasks to the team members. In 1ViewTask, one task can be assigned to multiple team members. The team has access to the chat feature using which they can clear all their doubts. While assigning tasks, you can select various task-related information like compliance type, company name, task type, activity type, start-due date, priority, tags, recurrence, assignee, reviewer, escalation, and checklist. All this information helps in the identification of a task and sorting out of tasks.  

While creating tasks, the feature of default workflow comes into play where the assignee and reviewer are selected. This feature is also known as the maker checker concept and helps a lot in streamlining project management processes. Assignee is the person who is required to complete the task and the reviewer is the one who is responsible for making sure that the work done is correct and ready for approval. In case of some changes, the assignee needs to rework and then submit again. This helps in perfect double check and the project manager can make sure that the team is on the right track.  

As a team, you can keep track of time and get better at time management too. The tool has a time tracker that can be turned on once you begin working on a task and stop it once you are done. The time you take will also contribute to your total working hours and you can determine your overall productivity easily. Generating reports is a very easy task if you use 1ViewTask. Using the dashboard, you can check your productivity, and the same of your team too. There are three different types of views in which you can view the same and determine the team’s progress.  

Not only this but if you tend to forget any task, 1ViewTask will help you in reminding the same as it sends daily emails. All you need to do is keep your tasks assigned beforehand and leave the rest to this tool. If a team begins to use this tool on a daily basis, you will see approx. 30% increase in your overall productivity and how your work gets streamlined. As a project manager, you can seek better work-related results and push your team to do better. The tool has a lot more to offer that you can explore when you sign up for free. We will also provide you with a free demo so that you don’t have to worry about any feature not working.