How is an Effective Task Management System Useful for Work?

How is an Effective Task Management System Useful for Work?

Until a few years back, traditional working methods were applied by companies. Under these methods, every single work detail was kept in normal software like Excel and Word. The employees used diaries to note their personal tasks and calendars for marking their deadlines. Gladly, with the evolution of technology, some new replacements to the traditional methods have come taken their place in the market. The replacement goes by the tag of “task management system.” There is certain task management software that has been launched in the marketplace to regulate an effective task management system for employees.

1ViewTask is one of the tools that have been in the market so far, the tool is artificial intelligence-enabled and comprises some of the finest features one could ask for. From task creation to providing real-time working experience, the software has got it all. The software has features like detailed task creation, report generation, time tracking, default workflow (maker-checker concept), and regular email reminders. These are just the names of the features, detailing these features will surprise you for sure. But as for this blog, we will tell you about how this tool can be helpful for you:

Quick Task Creation– The tool offers two types of task creation – quick and detailed. Both types are convenient and allow you to add basic task-related information. With the help of this feature, you can create tasks beforehand for yourself and keep on working one by one as per its priority. Also, the software keeps a record of all the tasks that have been done so far.


Better Output– If you understand the working of this tool and begin working taking its help, your productivity will improve by almost 30% and your output generation will become better and quicker. Moreover, your confidence will be boosted and you can help your team members to use this tool too. Better communication and coordination will also come into their place.

Time Management– 1ViewTask has the exclusive feature of time tracking using which the users can check how much time they take to complete a particular task. With the help of this feature, you can easily learn how to manage and save time. Also, the time you track will contribute to your total working hours so it is however beneficial for the entire company.

Time Tracking Tool

1ViewTask- Time Tracking

Meeting Deadlines – Meeting deadlines are not much of a concern when you have 1ViewTask installed on your mobile phone. This tool has an email feature that sends you a daily email reminding you of the tasks that are due and require completion on a particular day. So in case you have a short memory, your solution to the problem is this software.


The developers of task management tools claim that the software is successful for teamwork and it contributes to better coordination and communication among company employees. Using 1ViewTask is going to make things so much better for you. All you must do is sign up on the app that is available on Android and Ios too. The tool is completely free for 1 user with enterprise-level features for a lifetime and will provide you with everything you are looking for. So hurry up and get your hands on the amazing features of this tool.