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How New Age Task Management Tools Help Manage Complex Projects and Task Dependencies

Digitalization and Globalization connected the entire world in a thread. The work and skill exchange is happening across borders and people have started sharing workplaces more swiftly than ever before. The recent times of pandemic have worked as the fuel to this system and we have a new norm of working: remote working style. This complexity of working infrastructure and projects have forced companies to focus more on task management skill. 

Task management is a crucial skill for project managers and even any employee who is working. Every single person needs to figure out a strategy to accomplish their tasks with more efficacy. Companies hire managers to manage the projects more creatively and productively, however, the complexities and the task dependencies make it tougher for them. The solution to their issue is an aid in the form of technology. 

Companies have been focusing on developing new task management software, making it a challenging task to choose the most suitable one for your work from the plethora of options available. 1ViewTask is considered one of the best new-age task management tools available in the market as a result of its array of features. Once you select the best-featured task management app, you can shelter it in the working system to yield exceptional results for your organization.


Gaining Insight into the Working of Task Management Tools with Complex Projects

The task management tools are designed considering all the requirements and basic principles and strategies behind task management. The features added to the task management tools are a translation of these requirements into the technical form. Despite the numerous task management tools available in the market, users tend to select ones that are easy to use, free of complexity and have a minimalistic structure to work with their complex projects and interdependent tasks. 


Companies often have complex projects at hand that require multiple departments to work in sync, involve remote and on-site teams, foster more collaborations, and demand constant monitoring and assessment. Complex projects require skills to manage them productively. These skills are flexibility, communication, leadership, monitoring, integrations, and expert feedback. These all skills are transformed into features that define the new-age task management tools, like 1ViewTask, which facilitates the management and the users.


Essential Features of Task Management Tools for Efficient Handling of Complex Projects

Though every single feature of an outstanding task management tool like 1ViewTask is designed to handle the project’s complexity, here we mention our top picks that you must consider while picking out the task management tool for your work.


Task Delegation and Fragmentation

The basic necessity of any complex task management must be convenient task distribution. The tool must be designed in a manner where you can divide the task into smaller fragments and assign it to the responsible employees. Task distribution must be tracked as a report, and notifications should be integrated with it to ensure no deadlines are missed. Task distribution is a feature available in 1ViewTask, where you can break down tasks and assign them to employees, with a record on your dashboard that includes employee and project details.



Everyone wants a platform that can be integrated with other tools that offer them a collective stage for functioning. Isn’t it true? The task management tool must be capable to integrate other tools like Calender, Jira, Trello, SharePoint, and Azure DevOps. The task must be synced with these tools to simplify the complexity of the webbing of tools. 

1ViewTask has an integration feature where it allows the collaboration of the tool with other tools to help sync the task in a streamlined way. 


Vigilant Workflow

The workflow of tasks must be designed in a manner where every task is closely monitored and assessed by superiors to minimize the chances of mistakes. Once a task is marked as accomplished by the doer, an assigned individual or team must serve as an evaluator to review the system. Also, the chances of errors in complex projects are considerably higher, which makes it crucial to have a checking system.

1ViewTask has accommodated the maker checker concept in its default workflow which serves as a quality assurance for the outcomes of the task. 



Complex tasks involving multiple departments require a robust communication system, where employees can raise queries and receive the necessary advice. As tasks can be complex, those performing them might need guidance, which can be provided through a task management tool with strong communication capabilities. Effective communication among team members is essential not only to resolve queries but also to foster team spirit. The clients can also be brought on board to communicate with the team and share their vision.

1ViewTask was developed with communication as a core value for any task management tool. The tool features team interaction capabilities, meeting scheduling, query posting, and constructive feedback generation.



In complex projects, there may be a need for talented and skilled individuals to perform certain tasks that cannot be handled by the in-house team, and they may be outsourced remotely for a specific duration of the project. Flexibility is a crucial aspect of task management tools, which should be able to manage both on-site and remote teams and be easily accessible from anywhere in the world. With a reliable task management tool, you can start working and communicating with the team from anywhere in the world.

1ViewTask is efficient and flexible in handling the hybrid mode of working. The user can log in and start working with just access from the team. The dashboard feature of the tool allows you to manage all the assigned tasks and the project feature enables the manager to keep a track of all the ongoing and scheduled projects.


Why you must choose 1ViewTask to manage complex projects and task dependencies?

Whether you are tackling a complex project with a lot of interdependent tasks or a simple project, you need a tool that is accurate and reliable enough to produce the required results. 1ViewTask is a simple-to-use task management tool where you can use a Kanban board to visualize the project, communicate with the team, and collaborate with different tools at a place or generate constant progress reports. If you want your company to execute the right strategy for complex tasks, you need the right tool. Select 1ViewTask and start with the right way of management.

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