Maker Checker Process

How The Maker Checker Process Can Improve Data Accuracy And Reduce Errors?

Data is the biggest asset of any business. The rate at which the digital world is changing has increased the value of data even further. The industries run by data analytics, and it has become critical to work on data accuracy to unleash the potential of data. Using data accurately and appropriately can help you grow your business at an exponential pace. Let’s understand more about data accuracy with the maker checker process!

What is Data Accuracy?

As the name suggests, data accuracy means using the data values correctly and consistently in their original form without any manual error. The smallest change in values can shake the whole process further.

No matter how focused a person is, there is always a chance of human error. These data errors or inaccuracies may look small, but they can cause huge financial losses to your business. So how do you reduce errors to increase data accuracy? There are numerous ways suggested, and one of them is the implementation of the maker-checker concept.

1ViewTask has the maker-checker concept as the default workflow process, as it helps avoid any errors that may hamper the work process.


What is the Maker Checker Concept?

The maker-checker concept, or the four-eyes principle, is a work process where two people are required to complete a task or transaction. In this work process, one person is required to check any transaction while the other person approves the transaction. This dual approval reduces the chances of errors that may occur due to any oversight by one person. The data in business is a sensitive entity, and with dual checks, the smallest possibility of any mistake can be eliminated.


Elevate the Data Accuracy with Maker Checker Process

The integration of the right techniques and business processes can help you accelerate business growth. Amalgamating the maker-checker concept in the workflow is a way of increasing productivity. Let’s understand how the maker-checker concept has upgraded workflows by offering data accuracy.

Maker Checker Process increases data accuracy and work quality.

In a system that involves approval post-checking at two different stages, the data accuracy increases considerably. With two different people involved, the error that can happen during the first person’s action can be managed and mitigated by the second person. The reduction of errors results in improved work quality. With the automation of the work process and the integration of the maker checker, the quality of work can be enhanced further.

Maker Checker Process promises better security.

A single transaction involving two people allows the company to operate with greater security. Internal frauds have claimed big financial losses for many companies, and with the simple adaptation of the maker-checker process, you can save your firm from internal fraud. External fraud can also be reduced through this workflow.

Growing with Data Accuracy 

Data accuracy is important for the growth of the business. Low-quality work and data processing can result in poor outcomes. With dual approval in action, you can achieve better results for your firm.

With the benefits of the maker-checker process in mind, 1ViewTask has adopted the maker-checker concept as its default work process. When you assign work to someone in 1ViewTask, the task is reviewed by the reviewer after being completed by the assignee, and then approved by the checker, who then marks the task as completed. This way, the task is accomplished more efficiently and vigilantly.

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