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How To Choose The Best Time Management Tools For Your Needs?

Time management is one of the most desired skills that everyone must acquire to reach the pinnacle of success. Benjamin Franklin once said that time is like money. Money, like time, must be managed to be used to its fullest capacity. Time can make a significant difference in seconds, making it one of the most valuable commodities.

Time management is one of the major issues companies face, but we still neglect its importance. Time management allows you to divide the work according to priority and its impact.


What is Time Management?

Time management is the division of time according to the requirements of the tasks to increase efficiency and productivity. Effective time management can save the day and get you into a commanding role, allowing you to use the potential of the time available in the best way possible.

Time management involves planning, scheduling, organizing, and prioritizing tasks concerning time. It is not only important for your business growth but also for your work-life balance and personal well-being.

There are numerous tools and methods on the market that can assist you with time management. It may be difficult for you to choose the best one. The competition in the market is high and there are several tools available, which can be confusing. As a solution, we’ve compiled a list of factors to consider when choosing a time management application for your company.


Tips to Select the Best Time Management Tool

In the pool of time management tools available on the market, you must pick the tool that fulfills the requirements of your business. There are apps with similar features and working models that can be even more confusing. The apps generally offer free-of-cost trial services for you to check their functionality, but is it still possible to judge them with a trial? Well, it may be possible, but before the trial, it is important to scale down the options. Here is a list of tips that can help!


Tool Features

The features are the first item you should think about when choosing a tool for your job. These tools typically have common functionalities, but there is a possibility that your choice has a feature that sets it apart from the crowd. You can select a feature-based application for your work just by listing the requirements and researching their solutions.


Mobile Application

Once you are done with feature-based shortlisting of the tools, you must see whether the tool works well on the mobile phone. These days, we look for tools that are easy to access and a tool that functions perfectly on mobile, and offer easy accessibility to the user.

The convenience of use is an added advantage. The availability of the mobile-based application of the tool doesn’t impact the value of its desktop version; instead, it enhances the efficiency of the tool by offering all-time availability.


Single Application

If you are looking for an application to manage time, you must be willing to invest in an application that performs the function in a single application. Some apps’ features are split across two or more apps, making it difficult to work with them. When an application or tool operates on a single platform, it not only increases productivity but also saves time by eliminating the need to switch between platforms.


User Experience

The most popular apps are those that provide excellent user experiences. The tool must look good and feel good for any person to adapt it. The design, colors, fonts, and ease of operation make an app more desirable. A tool that has nice UX effects can lure the 

Innovation Quotient

A tool that has scope to upgrade and improve with time is always preferable. With technologies erupting in the market now and then, a company must add creative values to its application. Whether the brand that provides it is new or well-established, you must choose the application that has a higher possibility of being upgraded than the others. This feature increment can simplify your time management work even more.


Unlocking the Potential of Time Management with 1ViewTask

Time moves at its own pace, and we cannot alter it; however, we can manage time so that it is used to its full potential. Time management is a necessity, and so are time management tools. The market is full of tricks, tips, tools, and techniques for time management, and with the pointers listed above in consideration, you can select the right time management tool for your company.

1ViewTask is one such time management aid that has helped people achieve time management through its task management services. The tool possesses features that satisfy all the pointers above. However, the tool has some extra features that make it different and full-scale. Here is a list of features that make time management easy with 1ViewTask.


With the task feature, you can create elaborate tasks where you can mention task descriptions, time details, and the type of task. The task feature offers different solutions.

  • Quick Task Allocation
  • Recurrence Pattern
  • Email to task conversion
  • Customized task fragmentation


The dashboard is the feature that helps the user stay alert and monitor the task with keen attention. The dashboard displays all active tasks, client information, product information, and comprehensive reports. The dashboard can be seen in three different view modes, each with different relevance.

  • Productivity View
  • Eagle View
  • Detailed Report


With the projects feature, you can see a list of all the projects, from which you can access the project details and the progress reports with just a few clicks. Projects offer the entire information on a single project on a single screen.

Default Workflow (Maker-Checker Concept)

1ViewTask has adapted the maker-checker concept as its default workflow, which makes the entire process error-free. In 1ViewTask, you can always add a reviewer and escalator to a task, who can check and approve the task based. This workflow enhances the quality of the work.  

External sharing

The tool allows users to share task details and monitor progress based on the role they play in the project. The administrator has the most power, while the guest has the least access. If you are a team member, you can readily access the admin-approved information. External sharing allows you to add external members to the project with restricted access to the information.


The compliance feature simplifies task setup. You can select the compliance type, mention deadlines, and assign it to the best-suited person. 

1ViewTask is a feature-loaded easy-to-use and flexible application, that can boost the growth of your business. To learn more about the tool, visit our website!

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