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How will the dashboard affect your overall productivity?

1ViewTask is a task management tool that comprises some amazing features and the dashboard is one of them. so, what role does the dashboard play? You get to view your overall work report on a single page in the form of a chart. To get a clear picture of the work in numbers, an Excel sheet can be generated. The dashboard offers three kinds of views. Eagle view, productivity view, and detailed report. let’s get into the detail of these views.  

Eagle-eye viewThis feature of our task management software allows you to view all your tasks as an assignee and a reviewer. The list is displayed according to different categories of tasks including the number of hours devoted to working on a task. You can view all the work client-wise and activity/sub-activity-wise. This view displays all your work in order. You can see the tasks assigned for a day and tasks to be reviewed for a day in the number form. Assigned work and the reviewer’s work appear in a bar-graph form. Assigned work-snapshot and reviewer work-snapshot appear in the pie-chart form. Assigned-reviewer work-project wise, assigned-reviewer work-client wise, and assigned work-user wise appear in the tabular form.

Dashboard Eagle View

1ViewTask- Dashboard (Eagle View)


Productivity view– This view of our task management tool acts as a resource planner. The feature allows you to see the targeted hours and the actual hours of the month. You can plan your new project with your employees. Additional tasks can be provided to employees. this view allows you to go through employee details like targeted hours, allocated hours, productive hours, productivity/efficiency percentage, and targeted vs productive utilization percentage. The task time tracker gives detail about how many total hours have been given to completing a task.

1ViewTask- Dashboard (1 Day Productivity View)


1ViewTask- Dashboard (7 Days Productivity View)


Detailed report– one of the most useful views of our task management tool is the detailed report view which allows you to go through the task and employee details. The order in which the report appears is task id, compliance name, priority, assignees, reviewers, escalation users, assignee’s estimated hours, manual hours, and recorded hours, reviewer’s estimated hours, manual hours, and recorded hours, escalator’s estimated hours, manual hours and recorded hours, activity name, sub-activity name, client name, location name, compliance type, section name, company name, due date time, and task completion date. All these details appear in a tabular form and help in getting an organized view of all the work done.

1ViewTask- Dashboard (Detailed Report)

 We would like to draw your attention towards some key features that are common in all the views. Let’s get into some of the custom features available for the team. The search bar will help you in searching for a particular task that you want to see through.  The user can view his work details and the same of his other team members too. Filters can be applied as per the requirement.

 1ViewTask has all the features at this point that make it the best in class.  30% increase in team productivity guaranteed.   

Membership for 1ViewTask is free for 1 user with enterprise-level features for a lifetime and you can add unlimited companies to it. You will get regular notifications on your mobile via email for the status of your task. Sign up now and take hold of these amazing dashboard features. Our app is available on IOS and Android too.

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