time management techniques

Increase your Productivity by using time management techniques

Task management can turn out to be a difficult thing to do at times. People who must work on long projects and tasks often find themselves in some kind of trouble. They are either tired or try to rush in completing everything. But as it is said that there is a solution to every problem, the solution is there for the issue of task management too. Here’s some advice that you could follow up on if you want to work with ease, break down your task into smaller ones. Do it in such a way that the work gets easier and doable. Go step-by-step, no one is asking you to complete a project/task in one go. If necessary, involve your teammates and ask for help. It is important to set up a goal before you start working on the task/project. This would help you get better at work and you won’t be stressing out. There are certain techniques that people can apply to their daily work routine. So, let’s look at some of the best task and time management techniques.  

The Pomodoro technique 

The Pomodoro Technique is one solution to the problem of time and task management. This time management technique was developed in the late 1980s by a person named Francesco Cirillo. A person can boost their productivity if they apply this technique in their daily routine. It is based on a set of principles built on awareness and self-observation. With this, let us explore a little more about this technique. It works well for people who have hectic tasks to work on. In this technique, firstly you need to prepare a to-do list and get a timer for yourself. Set your timer for 30 minutes or as per your need. Start the timer and focus on working until the timer rings. When the session ends, mark off one task from the list and see what you completed. Then take a break of 5-10 minutes. After you complete 4 tasks simultaneously, take a longer break of about 30 minutes. Then start the cycle again. This technique is said to be useful for people who have ample work to do and lose their focus. The Pomodoro technique will help you keep up with the task and increase your productivity.  

Eisenhower’s Matrix 

Eisenhower’s matrix is a productivity booster strategy used by experts to achieve a target. This time management technique has been there for many years and people tend to use it for completing smaller tasks. It is a framework that helps you design and prioritizes the tasks that must be completed. You need to categorize the tasks as per their urgency and importance. Draw a framework consisting of four boxes. Label the x-axis as urgent/non-urgent and the y-axis as important/not important. Place the tasks as per priority and start working. Once you are done with your task, tick it off the list. This way your work is done with ease and you get to prioritize too. People who like working in an organized manner can use this method the best way.  

The GTD method  

The word GTD here stands for getting things done. This time management method is used by those people who are often overwhelmed by the amount of their work, always worry about forgetting small details related to the task, starts working on multiple projects together, and are always confused. This method focuses on five main points:  

  • Capture everything you get in your head, big or small, and put it in your inbox.
  • Clarify and process what you have captured. Get yourself some clarity and you will be able to figure out your next move toward the project/task.
  • Organize everything and put it in the right place. Add dates to your calendar, delegate your work, and sort your tasks.
  • Review what you have worked on. Look over every detail and make changes wherever required.
  • Engage yourself in what is important and decide what to work on first.  

If you use the GTD method, you will become a little organized with your daily routine and you will be able to sort things out. Being stressed and overwhelmed all the time does not do anything good for a person.  

Now that we are done with some of the amazing techniques, what if I tell you that there is a better solution to your problem?  

You would have heard about task management tools. There are tools that are designed in such a way that a person can save ample time and work with a stress-free mind. Using a tool can help you increase overall productivity and you get to manage everything in one place. 1ViewTask is one of the best task management tools that has some amazing features to offer. Using this tool, you can manage all your tasks and compliances in a single workplace. This tool will help you in prioritizing, setting a timer, selecting all task-related details, setting tags, compliances, client/location, and activity/sub-activity. You can add a description to your task and attach the required documents too.  

Besides, there is a new concept named the “maker-checker concept”. According to this concept, you get to choose an assignee for a task. Assignee is the person who needs to complete a task. Next, you can select a reviewer, the person who will review your task once it has been completed. Once the status of the task has been changed to completed, the reviewer can review the task and if they don’t approve of the task, it can be put back as returned. The assignee needs to work again and re-submit the task after making the required changes. This whole new concept is unique and works wonders for managers who wish to work on a long project.  

With 1ViewTask, you get to view your tasks in different kinds of views, you can check your overall work and productivity by generating a report. Not only that, you can check your team’s work and productivity too. If you need a full-fledged data report, you can generate an Excel sheet just by making a single click. One more amazing feature that this tool offers is external sharing. Using this feature, you get to share your team’s work with your clients or any other users. You can also add them as guest users to the portal to let them see the work progress. Not all tools will offer you such a good feature.  

Whenever you assign a task or you have anything pending, an email will be sent to you automatically reminding you of your pending tasks. Every morning you will get an email that will help you keep up with your daily tasks. There is so much more to this tool but you can learn all about it only if you sign up on this tool. so, sign up today and check all the features out yourself. This tool is free for 1 user with enterprise-level features for a lifetime. The app is now available on iOS and Android too.