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Mastering the Art of Task Management: Strategies for Boosting Productivity

Isn’t it tough to manage all the projects and team members with convenience? Task management is a work of art, and companies are hiring project managers to excel in this area of management in their firms. Task management is managing tasks by delegating them among the employees, monitoring them, analyzing them, and assessing the progress of the projects. Well, it is a hard job; however, technology has made the task easier for management.


No matter how small or big a company you are, you always need the most compatible technology for your firm. Task management tools are a necessity for managers in present times, where hybrid work cultures have become the new norm. 1ViewTask is one such task management tool that has helped companies boost their productivity by mastering the art of task management. The tool was developed considering the strategies behind task management. The features of the tool were embedded with these strategy solutions. To understand more, let’s understand the strategies that helped the company boost productivity.


Mastering the Art of Task Management with the Right Strategies

Task Delegation

The distribution of tasks and determination of roles keeps a team functional in its best capacity. Each team member needs to understand their work and their role in the project to maintain work clarity. Each member is made responsible for their tasks, and their united efforts are synchronized by the managerial authorities to develop the visioned outcome. This is the easiest way to resolve confusions that may occur within the team and eliminate any unhealthy competition.

Task Scheduling

Task scheduling is preparing a to-do list with timelines integrated into it. The to-do list, if prepared in advance, can sort out the job of any employee and give them the right direction. The employees are often confused in decoding the flow of work, and deadlines can also be missed, but with the task management tool, they can accomplish a smooth flow of work. The managers can also leverage these task managers to note down their thoughts and organize them to create a task list with time slot allocation.

Prioritizing Tasks

Smart task management involves prioritizing the important tasks first. With so many tasks and projects in progress, it may become exhausting to find the initiating point. With the help of a task management tool like 1ViewTask, you can make a list of your tasks and prioritize them according to their deadlines. The task that needed to be completed first has to be the one that has an earlier deadline as compared. In case of urgent situations, the task manager can create another task with the quick tasks feature of 1ViewTask and define the task there. The prioritization of work saves the company from any negligence on timelines.


Represent with Kanban Board

Visual representation is the best way to convey your idea. The Kanban board is an agile project management technology that helps you visualize the task, where you can describe the task and represent it in rows and columns with the help of cards. The visuals have always been more attractive and explainable, and with Kanban boards, you can explain the project flow to your employees and clients. The Kanban boards are considered the optimal solution to increasing the efficiency of a project. There are templates in Knaban boards where you can design a task flow.


Progress Monitoring and Updates

To boost the productivity of the business, you must keep a regular check on the progress of your firm and you’re To boost the productivity of the business, you must keep a regular check on the progress of your firm and your employees’ tasks. The frequent updates can be done through physical meetings for a small team of a few people, but for medium- to large-scale companies, it is nearly impossible to track the updates this way.

The solution to this problem is a task management tool. Tracking the progress data at regular time intervals and monitoring the progress regularly can be done with the features of these task management tools. 1ViewTask has a project feature where you can find the details of any ongoing, planned, or accomplished projects. Through the dashboard feature, you can view the analytics of your project.

Clear Communication

A successful business needs clear communication to not only complete tasks and projects but also to establish a team spirit among the team members. The task management tool can help you bridge the communication gap between the employees and the management by offering a channel where they can communicate easily, discuss queries, and gather feedback. Also, there are video conferencing features to organize meetings. Communication through these platforms solves the hurdles of remote team management and time zone differences.

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is the main motto of any company. Regular updates can bring the required satisfaction to the client. Through the task management tool 1ViewTask, you can add the client as a guest, and with features like external sharing, you can share the progress reports or any other files with them on a single platform. The involvement of the client can also help keep your team motivated. This also gives the client a chance to offer constructive feedback at certain steps of the project, which can be incorporated into the changes. This way, the extra time and effort that was to be put into updates and changes at the last minute can be saved.

How can 1ViewTask help your company?

Task management tools are a way to save project managers from the extra hustle of organizing and distributing tasks manually every single day. Just a few clicks save them time and energy, which can be utilized in a creative way to manage the project better.

1ViewTask has been an aid to the project managers for different firms to boost their team’s efficiency and productivity. It has several features packed into a single package to be operated conveniently by the user. 1ViewTask has a task feature through which you can delegate the task. With the dashboard, you can constantly keep an eye on the analytics. The project feature helps with the management of all the projects. You can explore all these features by yourself by signup for free and you can download our mobile app for Android and iOS.

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