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Maximizing Productivity: How 1ViewTask’s Time Management Tips and Tricks Can Help You Get More Done

Time is one of the top-tier assets of our lives. Everyone gets equal time and the people who know how to utilize time are successful in their lives. Time management is an art that employees are expected to master while they work on a task. There are times when a person does not feel like working as the clouds of lousiness and stress surface them. This is when things take a toll, and a downfall is experienced in the employee’s productivity. Almost every firm observes this downfall which is why a solution has now been invented. There are certain task management tools like 1ViewTask that have been launched into the market to help the team improve their working capacity.  

1ViewTask is an artificial intelligence-enabled tool that is designed with some advanced features to help users with their daily routine of task completion. This tool guarantees an increase in the productivity of the user by up to 30% which means that this tool holds some special features. Writing about features, the tool allows you to create tasks – detailed and quick. Wherein, you get multiple options for modifying the tasks like setting priority, start-due date, recurrence pattern, and activity type. You can enter the details of your clients too if required.  

Features like time tracking and the maker-checker concept are perfect for achieving the goal of time management. With the help of a time tracker, you can check the total number of hours you took on completing a task/project. On the other hand, using a maker-checker concept, you can get your task double-checked and approved by the manager easily. This feature allows you to select a reviewer who will make sure that the completed task is intact. With this, let us understand how 1ViewTask can help you get more done.


Prioritize your tasks – Using 1ViewTask, you can easily prioritize your tasks. As it is said, the tasks that are urgent should only be completed first, this tool will help you make that come true. Whilst you are creating a task, all you must do is set its priority as per your feasibility, and then you can work accordingly. This will help you in completing the task by its deadline and concentration can be made on one task at a time. So, you can bye to daily work stress too.  



Set a deadline – Setting deadlines for completing a task always works wonders. And using this tool you can set a start-due date and then work accordingly. Also, you can track the time simultaneously as it will contribute to depicting your overall working hours. When you have a deadline for yourself, you get self-motivation from within and the urge to work on the respective task tends to improve.  


Prepare a to-do list – Every person tries to maintain a daily task list but only a few succeed. The ones who use pen and paper often fail because after some point we get tired of noting tasks down. So, it is better to use a tool like 1ViewTask so that keeping a record of everyday tasks can become easier. This way the user has a rough insight in their mind, and they can divide the amount of time required to be given on completing a particular task.  



Delegate tasks equally – When a team works together, the delegation of tasks comes into effect and the speed of working becomes comparatively faster. For perfect time and task management, it is important to divide a project into chunks of small tasks and then work on them simultaneously. In case you use this tool, you can assign a task to multiple users and a record of everything can be kept in a single place.  



Coordinate with team members – Everyone is aware of the fact that coordination and communication drive the overall work. And that is only possible if you use the right technique. Using 1ViewTask, you can easily coordinate and chat with your team member discussing whichever task you wish. Also, comments can be added to get certain changes done. This way the work is done on time and coordination among one another is kept up too.


On the end note, 1ViewTask is a splendid tool using which a user can get multiple things done. One does not have to worry about forgetting tasks because the reminder feature is there to seek things out. Everyday email reminders make sure that the user meets their deadline and communication becomes easier with this tool. Moreover, generating everyday reports is a piece of cake with the help of this tool. Time management and an increase in productivity can be easily achieved if the tool is used daily. There is so much more to 1ViewTask and for exploring that you will need to sign up for the tool. This task management tool is completely free for 1 user with enterprise-level features for a lifetime and will give you the desired results.

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