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Task Management- A Profitable Addiction

Task management might seem like a mandatory thing to do today, but when approached with the right mindset, it can turn out to be a profitable addiction. Because covid had stroked globally, I think almost every person lost their energy to be productive. I have been a content writer for many years and have written blogs and articles on various genres. Managing work was not easy for me, I used to feel lousy all the time, sitting at home, looking at my laptop screen, and thinking about what I should write further. I was not able to achieve any of my goals, my work was delayed almost every day. My team was not impressed with my work but anyhow I tried to keep on going with my work. earlier, I used to complete over three thousand words daily, but back then, completing two thousand words every day became a challenge for me.  

The clouds of lousiness took over my working capacity, and missing out on deadlines became common. Feeling sleepy, not motivated, always tired, feeling stressed, and tied up were the only emotions that used to surround me. Then later, I reached the point of saturation and started surfing for ways to curb my habits and turn myself to proper task management. I got familiar with many task management techniques like the Pomodoro Technique, but nothing really came useful to me. Then I got to know about a task management tool – 1ViewTask. I tried its free demo and got familiar with some of its basic features. This tool caught my eye and I decided to manage my daily tasks with this tool. One thing that I didn’t realize with time was, that I became addicted to using this amazing tool. However, this is the first possible addiction that has been profitable to me because my way of working has been changed by just using this single tool. In this blog, I will explain how I got addicted to the use and how this addiction has benefitted me.

1ViewTask- Kanban Board View

1ViewTask- Kanban Board View

I took one step at a time and began by signing up for this tool. The tool is completely free for a single user for a lifetime with all the enterprise-level features, so I didn’t have to pay a penny. I began working with task creation where 1ViewTask offers ample options to add while creating a task. I get to add a description, company name, workspace, activity type, compliance type, section, and penalty cost. I can select the priority of my task, recurrence pattern, and start date/time too. Moreover, there is one more feature in task creation that I found very fascinating. As a user, I can assign the task to myself or any of my team members too. Further, I can add a person as a reviewer who can check the task after it is done. There is one more option of adding an escalator, the person who will get an update about the task status. Moreover, I can also attach my task-related documents easily. This feature has helped me keep track of all the tasks that I have done so far. I attach my work files along with the task that I create and put in the completed bar once I have done those.  

Secondly, I also found out that I can set a timer while I work on a task. This has helped me become time efficient and I keep a goal for myself. For example: if I have a blog of 1000 words, I set a timer of two hours for myself in which I put in all the effort and take a hand over my goal. I keep on working on my speed. This way, I can deliver my blogs on time and the record is kept in my 1ViewTask portal. Another finest feature of this tool is the Dashboard. When clicked on Dashboard, a screen pops up that contains every single detail of my work report. I can generate a whole Excel sheet by just making a single click. I get to view my report in various views like Eagle View, Productivity View, and Detailed Report. All these views show the same statistics of work but in a different manner that looks way too organized. Furthermore, I can also view my work as per the type of my work, specified while task creation. This tool has helped me increase my productivity by up to 30%, which by the way is guaranteed by the founder of this tool.  

There are times when I forget what task I have to do in the upcoming day, in that case too, 1ViewTask comes up to remind me of everything. The tool is advanced and sends me an instant reminder whenever I set up a task for myself. Moreover, it sends me a daily morning reminder via email on my mobile phone reminding me of my pending tasks, and the ones that I must complete the following day. This is one of the reasons that my stress is relieved from my mind because I rely on this tool. It’s been several months, and I haven’t forgotten a single task, I give the credit to 1ViewTask only.  

With this, I must say that 1ViewTask is a good-to-go tool because I have improved a lot. Back then, working was so difficult but as I compare now, I can work all day long because I know my timer is on and my deadline needs to be completed. A task management tool helps an individual to become motivated and once a task is created, the urge of working prevails within. No matter how critical the task is, every goal can be achieved because this tool provides the user with the right mindset for working. You can also work as a team using this tool, but for making that happen you need to sign up fast. In case you need to learn more about the features of this tool, you can refer to this blog.

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