Task Management in remote work

Task Management in a Remote Working Environment: Best Practices for Success

The pandemic has jolted the entire world. No industry has remained untouched by the disruption caused by the lockdown. Businesses urgently sought a solution to remain operating when the pandemic compelled us to stay inside our houses. The explanation for this came in the form of remote working or the work-from-home culture. Remote working became the new way of working. With the pace of the pandemic, the world regained its normalcy, but remote working is still a part of the work culture, and many companies have adopted the hybrid work mode. 

Companies and people have benefited from remote working, yet both management and remote workers encounter difficulties. The concerns may involve the working environment, regular updates, career advancement, loss of motivation, or team coordination or management difficulty. These issues may hamper the productivity of the employee and hinder the growth of the firm. As team leaders, responsible individuals or teams are keen on finding a solution to these challenges.

As a leader, you must find a solution that connects the remote and on-site teams on a single platform, where it becomes easy for you to connect with them and easier for them to stay connected with their team. Task management tools are the finest selection for this job. The task management tools, such as 1ViewTask, offer you a platform where the entire team can be brought onto a single platform. 

In a culture where remote work is common, a team must adhere to three crucial practices. They are defining the work culture, time management, and communication.  

Best Practices for Success in a Remote Environment

The business has three pillars: The working environment, time management, and Communication. Let’s understand how these three pillars are supported with a task management tool for a remote team. 

Work Culture: Designated Workspace and Work Plan

We all tend to sit at our designated spots at work and carry out our routine responsibilities as we are assigned. The introduction of remote working has hampered this culture, which calls for updating the to-do list at the beginning of working hours and updating supervisors after a task is completed. Team leaders may encounter difficulties if there are a huge number of team members since the authorities must divide the work and give it to the team members. Using 1ViewTask for task management is an easy fix for this.

The task feature in the task management tool makes it simple to update tasks. Depending on the situation, the manager can establish either a detailed assignment or a short task. Additionally, progress reports are created, and time tracking enables ongoing progress monitoring. The team members’ task lists are updated, and they have a work schedule with deadlines, which makes their responsibilities easier to handle.


Time Management: Time Tracking and Analysis

The time tracking of the tasks and the employees is a crucial element of time management and task management as well. 1ViewTask has time recorders that start recording the time as soon as the task is allotted to the employee. The time recording stops once the task is marked completed. 

This way, the managers can record the time taken by the employees for a specific task, which facilitates the team leads to identify the time robber task that steals more time than expected and also enables the identification of the employee who takes more time for defined tasks. The management can later find a solution to these employees’ productivity and implement practices to enhance them.

Prioritizing Communication

The key to keeping the remote team operational is constant communication. The lack of communication not only disrupts work but also demotivates the employees. Through the task management tool, you can schedule regular meetings and track updates, stay in contact with the team to offer the assistance required, and also stay in sync with the clients. 

1ViewTask can help you generate a synchronous line of communication with the team. Having constant communication prevents the burnout of employees supporting their mental health as well. The tool offers features where you can connect over chat or organize a video call with the team members.

1ViewTask: A task management tool for remote team management 

A workspace where the team can communicate with one another and any concerned team leaders is provided by the task management solution: 1ViewTask. The tool’s extensive features give space where the task is assigned, tracked, checked, and corrected, and the project’s progress is tracked regularly. Additionally, the clients can be added to the platform where they can receive progress updates and offer their suggestions. 

Also, the team is connected, which keeps them motivated and saves them from the hurdle of the work environment that is often lost in remote working. The tool has an array of features that have made companies adapt it to their hybrid work culture without any concerns. Several practices are required to make the remote working environment flawless, and 1ViewTask offers aid in every one of them. The three best practices to make task management work for the remote working environment are contributed by1ViewTask.

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