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The Benefits of Centralized Task Management: 1ViewTask’s Approach

Huge firms often have a huge responsibility of managing tasks and until a few years back, traditional methods of managing tasks were being implied by almost every company. But as the technology has evolved, modern task management techniques have been launched into the market. These techniques are given a name of task, management tool, and 1ViewTask is one of these tools.

With the help of 1ViewTask, you can easily take your hands over a centralized task and project management. This tool is enabled by artificial intelligence and has some of the best features like easy task, creation, screen monitoring, Chat, the maker-checker concept, the dashboard, and email conversion into task. Below are the four major benefits of centralized task management that you can achieve using this tool.  

  • Using 1ViewTask, you can easily manage your time and streamline your workflow. The task creation feature of this tool allows you to prioritize, add reference patterns, add descriptions, select the start, and due date, and company information and helps you in detailing the task. You can also attach the task-related document and once you are done, you can publish the task. This feature helps its users keep a record of all the work being done by the team and helps in meeting the deadline before time.
  • There are times when the clients ask for project status from the team and in that case, you can easily add your clients as guest users in the portal to help them see through what work has been done. The guest user can add comments if any changes are required and they can complete their own tasks. But this access is time limited and not permanent. However, with the help of this feature live project reporting can be done and changes can be made immediately.
  • This tool lets you prioritize and organize your tasks in the best possible way. Keeping a straight focus on what is essential and completing that task first becomes necessary. This way the workload reduces and the team can concentrate and deliver work on time. You can also monitor your screen and capture the total time taken using the time tracking feature. This will help you in marking mistakes and determining your overall productivity.  

1ViewTask- Time Tracking

  • The dashboard is another feature that helps in centralized task management. With the help of a dashboard, you can check the work report of every team member solely and combined too. There are three different types of views that will help you fetch the report and filter the report as per your feasibility. With the help of a dashboard, the team can check their time efficiency and work on the areas where improvement is required.  
Dashboard Eagle View

1ViewTask- Dashboard

These were the four major pointers that you can keep in mind while working using 1ViewTask. If you begin using this tool in your daily routine, you will see a 30% increase in your overall productivity, and your working speed will also improve with time. But to make this happen, you must check the tool out by yourself. You can sign up for free on the app that is available on the app store. Our team will provide you with a free demo too so that your workflow is not interrupted and the features are clear to you.