benefits of maker checker process

The Benefits of Implementing a Maker Checker Process in a Remote Work Environment

In today’s business world, remote work is being quite encouraged. Companies provide ample new work opportunities and flexible working hours to their employees. Though there are many benefits of a remote work environment, besides there are some challenges too. Utilizing 100% of the time in working becomes a very difficult thing to do sometimes. This is why the concept of the maker checker process has been introduced. It means that when a task has been assigned to a team member, it will be checked by another team member once it is completed. This concept involves the separation of tasks and their approval.  

There are certain task management tools that are used for managing projects and daily tasks in remote work environments. 1ViewTask is one such tool that is used by many companies and comprises the maker checker or dual approval concept. As per the concept, once a task is assigned to an assignee, they are supposed to complete the task. once the needful has been done, the task will automatically be forwarded to the reviewer or checker. They need to check if everything is intact and once the approval is received, the task is good to go. In case there are any required changes, the assignee needs to perform those right away and make the task submission again. With this, let us dig into some major benefits that you can take avail of by applying this concept to your daily working life:  

  1. Accuracy of tasks – When you apply the maker checker process, you will soon realize that tasks that you and your team complete, will turn out to be perfect and accurate in one way or another. The risk of error or fraud reduces when there is a checker involved. This becomes an important step in remote work environments because you cannot see the employees every day.
  2. More transparency among one another – The implementation of the maker checker concept makes sure that there is enough transparency among the team members. With the help of 1ViewTask, you can check all the work-related activities of your team members. As a manager, you can also ensure that every task is being done on time and is perfect.
  3. Easy delegation of tasks – Working becomes easier in remote mode when tasks are delegated properly among the team members. As far as the delegation of tasks is important, keeping a check on the tasks once they are done is also equally important. And with the help of 1ViewTask, you can choose multiple assignees and reviewers as well.
  4. Better management of work – With the help of the maker checker concept, you can improve your task management. 1ViewTask will make sure that all your tasks are being done on time and are being reviewed timely too. Managing tasks gets better gradually as you understand the working of the task management tool.  
Maker Checker Concept

1ViewTask- Default Workflow (Maker Checker Concept)

Talking further about the maker checker concept, let me phrase an example for you. I myself am a content writer and I have been in this field for the last three years. My job has always been in a remote environment and I have had many challenges in front of me. Managing time and fulfilling deadlines was not easy for me because I was always stressed out and I often had a lot on my plate. My manager and I were not able to keep intact with each other. Then I came across this concept and 1ViewTask has helped me a lot. With the help of this tool, I often assign tasks to myself and put my manager as a reviewer. I also turn the timer on to check and ensure that I am completing my task within the expected time. Once my task is completed, a notification pops up to my manager and then they check through the work, if the task is intact, they mark it as completed. If there are any changes required, they add their comments and I make the changes immediately. This way, my manager and other team members are able to access all the content easily and coordination between everyone is also quite great.  

On the last note, it can be said that using the maker checker process of 1ViewTask can ease up your job and help you increase your overall productivity by at least 30%. Also, this concept is perfect to apply to those who work in a remote environment as it can help you to reduce stress and complete one task at a time. By adopting this method, companies can ensure that their financial and administrative processes are reliable and efficient. Besides, there are some other amazing features in the line too that you can get to enjoy if you sign up on 1ViewTask. This tool will send you daily reminders of your pending tasks and you can keep a track of your deadlines too. Also, generating timely reports becomes easier with this tool. All you need to do is join the app/website as a user/admin and you can begin working in a remote environment.

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