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The Benefits of Using 1ViewTask for Collaborative Work

Work culture among businesses seems to be evolving since the launch of certain project management software into the market. Earlier, more focus was put on applying traditional methods for working like using pen and paper for jotting down tasks and reporting everything via presentation. But with the release of software like 1ViewTask, offices have now switched to modern working methods where they use features like report generation to track everything. In this blog, we will tell you about some benefits of using 1ViewTask, but first, let us understand the tool.  

What is 1ViewTask?  

1ViewTask is a task management tool that has been embedded with multiple managerial features that can help in better output generation and better management of time and tasks. Using this platform, users can easily maintain their workflow and add their team members for exchanging information too. The platform is perfect for the delegation of work and collaboration of teams. Communication is often a barrier and project managers have trouble in collaboration, but this is what this tool is designed for so you can rely on 1ViewTask. Its task creation features will take you by surprise and there is so much more to explore like default workflow, dashboard, conversion of email into a task, and addition of guest users. With this let us understand some benefits that you can gain out of using this tool.  

Benefits of Using 1ViewTask?  

Easy Delegation of Tasks – The task creation feature has two types – detailed tasks and quick tasks. The software offers multiple options to put in while creating tasks like compliance type, priority, tags, recurrence, start-due date, client/vendor, company, and activity-subactivity type. You can select as per your choice and assign the tasks to multiple people at once from the assignee bar. If you are the manager, you can put yourself into the reviewer section. The maker-checker concept is perfect for ensuring double check. This way delegation is made more accessible and collaboration among team members will increase too.

Detailed Task Creation

Task Creation

Faster Results – If you have your team using 1ViewTask, you can expect faster results because once the collaboration begins, tasks are divided and every person tries to deliver on time. When everything complies together, time is automatically saved and the quality of work also improves. You can use a time tracker to emphasize your working speed, the tracker will help you analyze how much time you need for single task completion.

Time Tracking Tool

1ViewTask- Time Tracking

Effect on Productivity – Using 1ViewTask daily will help in improving overall productivity. You can expect at least a 30% increase in total. You can check your total working hours and other productivity details using the dashboard. There is a productivity view on the dashboard that will tell you everything about your speed. The team’s performance can be estimated through the feature too and coordination will also improve automatically.

Productivity Report - Last 7 Days

Productivity Report

Prioritization of Tasks – Task priority is important because a team member can focus on one thing at a time only. So the tasks that are huge and require immediate attention should be worked upon first. Using the task creation feature, you can create tasks set their priority, and work on the list accordingly. All the task updates can be seen by other team members too so it makes communication easier too.

Prioritize task

Task Priority Setup

Easy Report Fetching – For faster report generation. 1ViewTask offers a whole dashboard through which you can seek your team’s reports. There are different kinds of views available and every sector of the report can be downloaded in the form of an Excel sheet. This feature comes into use by a project manager who has to manage everything. Moreover, the reports can be filtered by anyone depending upon the need.

Dashboard Eagle View

1ViewTask- Dashboard

The End Note  

Now that you know the benefits of using 1ViewTask for collaborative tasks, you must try the software out for yourself. Within a few months, you will see the change. Your team’s workflow will be regulated and you can also show the progress to your clients and vendors by providing a guest user access to them. The software will send an automatic email to you reminding you of your deadline and this way the team will be able to fulfill the requirements on time. Not only this but your emails can also be converted into a task and can be assigned to the team members. If you look closely, you will find ample amazing features in this tool. To make that possible, you need to sign up fast and check it out for yourself. So hurry up and download the app from Android and iOS.