Task Management Tool for Small Business

The Benefits of Using 1ViewTask for Your Small Business

Running a small business can be a road full of hardships and management is one of the most important aspects that require attention. From managing finance to allotting tasks, things can get overwhelming. This is why task management tools like 1ViewTask are introduced in the marketplace. This tool is embedded with tons of managerial features that can ease your management of the small business and you can keep a record of everything in this software. In this blog, we will tell you about how 1ViewTask can help you in better management of your small business.  

Improved Organization – Keeping track of tasks can be daunting for a small business, but by using 1ViewTask, you can easily assign the tasks to the required people and maintain a record of all the tasks using the tool. For task creation, there are different options available that you can choose from and get the tasks reviewed by a reviewer too. This will help in organizing all the work that is being done in the organization on a daily basis.  

Time Management – Time is a very valuable asset for a small business which is why the tool is perfect for you. Using 1ViewTask, you can gain real-time working experience using the time tracking feature. Once you start the time tracker, it will begin to take screenshots of the screen until the task goes on and once you are done, the time tracker can be stopped. You can take review the task that has been done and time can be managed easily.  

Increase in Productivity – No business can run well if its team is not productive, but with the help of this software, an increase of about 30% in productivity is guaranteed. The features are placed in such a way that the team becomes efficient slowly and everything is in its required place. So you can boost your small business and take it ahead using this platform.  

Fast Communication – Communication barriers are the worst for small businesses, it is better if you connect your entire team with 1ViewTask. The team can use the chat option to keep their opinions and tasks can be completed together. You can also grant guest user access to your clients who wish to check the progress of any task/project. The tool will help in improving coordination among the team members too.  

Improved Results – If you make using 1ViewTask a habit, you can expect improvised results in return, and along with saving time, your business will catch its flow and also report generation will be a one-click thing for you. There are different kinds of views in which you can fetch the overall results and check how much progress your small business caught.



On the end note, it can be determined that using 1ViewTask is the best solution for a small business. In case you forget something, 1ViewTask will send you a reminder via email help you to complete your work before the deadline. Its features will become a savior for your small business and it will contribute a lot to helping it grow on a larger scale.  But to make that happen, you need to explore the feature by yourself. And that can be done easily, all you must do is sign up, the tool is free for a user with enterprise-level features and we also provide a free demo to our users. The app is available for Android and iOS as well.