The Importance of a User-Friendly Platform: The 1ViewTask Experience

The Importance of a User-Friendly Platform: The 1ViewTask Experience

In today’s corporate world, using a user-friendly platform has become a necessity. There are so many tools that are available in the marketplace but talking about the best one, 1ViewTask is the one. All tools are based on artificial intelligence and offer multiple amazing features. But there is something special about 1ViewTask that I will disclose in this blog.

I am a professional content writer, working for three years. I usually work on multiple writing projects and the workload is huge most of the time. Earlier, managing tasks was not an easy thing for me, I was always stressed or used to having trouble fulfilling deadlines. Then a few months back I came across a tool, known as 1ViewTask. I used it for personal purposes and the sign-up was free. I was given a free demo by the team of the software.

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Then I began working and I understood how to create tasks. Task creation is quite easy and the software offers a lot of add-ins. A user can create a quick task and detailed task. I use quick task creation most of the time and I use detailed tasks when I have to involve my client in the portal too. I get to choose priority, compliance type, activity type, company information, recurrence pattern, and many more options from detailed tasks. I also attach the required documents alongside so that my record is safe within the tool.

Being an admin, I get the feature of adding my client to the portal to help them see the progress of the project. I provide limited guest user access to my client which allows them to peep into my work and they can suggest changes to me wherever required. If huge companies use this tool, I am sure they are going to benefit a lot from it because the features are amazing.

Another feature that I admired about this tool is of maker-checker concept. Whilst I create my tasks, there is an option of assignee and reviewer. As per the concept, the assignee is the person who is supposed to work on the task, so I keep myself as the assignee. The reviewer is the person who is responsible for double-checking and approving the completed task, I usually keep my clients as the reviewer. This feature makes things easier for me and the clients too and it has helped me gain better exposure in working as a content writer.

I get to view my dashboard, which is quite vast as it has three different kinds of views and lots of filter options. Using the dashboard, I am able to view my overall productivity and the working hours that I devoted to completing a task. also, whilst I am completing a task, I turn the time tracker on which enables unlimited screenshots and provides proof of what work has been done throughout the time. As per my knowledge, the finance industry will be flattered if they get to know about this tool.

There are daily tasks on my plate so I assign tasks beforehand, 1ViewTask sends me a notification via email every day reminding me of my tasks for the day and I am able to fulfill my deadlines on time. This software has helped me in organizing my work routine and I have become better with time management too. There are so many features that people can explore, and for that, they must sign up for free. I am sure you will love this tool, the features are quite fascinating.

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