Time Tracking with Task Management Tool

The Importance of Time Tracking Using a Time Management Tool

Time is one of the most precious sources in our life that we all have in equal measure. Time is infinite, it doesn’t wait for anyone and doesn’t stop for anyone. It depends on how we utilize the time that we have got. If you have never heard of or applied the concept of time tracking in your life, you will be surprised to know that this concept can work wonders for you. Time tracking touches on some of the vital areas of a business. Some people are unable to manage their time efficiently because of certain distractions and a lack of motivation in their life. And this is why a solution to this problem has now been launched into the corporate world. The solution is given the tag of “Time Management Tool” By the end of this blog, you are going to learn all about it.

1ViewTask- Time Tracking

A Time Management Tool refers to software using which you can get better with your daily task completion and understand the meaning of time efficiency. 1ViewTask is one such tool that has been in the market for a while now. This tool is one of the finest that guarantees a 30% increase in the overall productivity of the user and makes sure that proper time management is being done by the user. This tool offers the exclusive feature of time tracking that helps the user track time that they took for completing a particular task or project. You can pause the tracker if you are willing to take a short break in between. This tracker can be seen on the very first screen of the website/app. With this, let us dig deeper into the importance you can get after using a Time Management Tool like 1ViewTask.  

  1. Achievable and Organized Deadlines – When you access a Time Management tool, achieving deadlines turn out to be better and more organized. 1ViewTask allows you to set a timer for the task, you can turn the timer on and start working on your task. This will help you organize your deadlines and you can work stress-free.
  2. Boost in Productivity – If you get better at managing your time, your productivity will eventually increase too. You can plan your meetings and projects and work on them as per their priority. You can record your employee hours daily, weekly, and monthly. All the compilation can be further viewed while generating work reports.
  3. Better Evaluation of Performance – Project managers often are unable to keep a check on the working of the team 24/7. But with the help of this tool, they can keep an eye on all the updates. Timely evaluation of the team’s performance can be done easily anytime. Not only managers, but the team members can also check their work.
  4. The motivation of Working – Once you begin using a tool, you will see a change in yourself. After you reach the point of saturation, the motivation will kick in automatically and the urge to work in a more efficient way will prompt itself. The better motivation you have, the better the work gets every day.

1ViewTask- Dashboard

It can be concluded that choosing 1ViewTask for improving oneself Time Management can be one of the finest steps to take. With the help of this tool, you can not only manage time but also manage all your compliances and projects on a single platform. There are ample advanced features on this tool that a user would love to explore. The tool also allows for generating regular work reports through which you can track the total time invested by you on a particular project. Using a tool, managing a company or a team’s work gets better and more managerial. The tool is free for 1 user with enterprise-level features for a lifetime hurry up and sign up today to explore all about this tool.

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