1viewTask role in World Startup Convention

The Role Of 1ViewTask In the World Startup Convention

You would have heard about a World Startup Convention that was held quite recently in Greater Noida. The event took place on the 24th-26th of March 2023. You will be surprised to know that over 300 start-ups participated in this event. People from different fields came forward to showcase their start-ups and new brands that would be ready for launching in the market someday. Gladly, 1ViewTask also participated in this event and our team took the initiative to introduce this wonderful tool to the visitors.  

Talking about various start-ups, people came up with food-related start-ups, the printing of t-shirts, and office hampers. There were different applications-based start-ups, and another one showcased how plastic bag can be recycled. Besides, there were software-based start-ups focusing on WhatsApp integration, focusing on marketing, gaming industry start-ups, financial and accounting industries, and many more. You think of any innovative startup, and it was there in the convention. Coming up with such amazing start-up ideas takes a lot of hard work and all the startups were the best in their own ways.  

1ViewTask was also one of these start-ups, every visitor found our tool to be a unique one. Also, our team was there to bring up this tool forward and we wanted people to see what features does out tool has to offer. There were visitors from every nook and corner of the world, and most of them came for investing purposes. With good grace, several investors took interest in the working of 1ViewTask. The majority of chartered accountants claimed that the tool is best suited for them, and they would like to explore more about the tool.  

The people coming from the IT industry also added that 1ViewTask is a perfect tool and that they can use it on a daily basis for keeping a record of their tasks. Although people loved the tool two features were specifically given acknowledgment by the visitors. Let us tell you about those two features first: 

Default Workflow – As per this feature, you get to apply the maker-checker concept to your tasks. Whilst you create a task, the person who is supposed to complete the task is known as the assignee. The other person is supposed to review the task and is known as the reviewer. This double-check is done for making sure that the task completed is intact and that the manager has the report of every single task being performed by the team.

Maker Checker Concept

1ViewTask- Default Workflow (Maker Checker Concept)

Screen Capture – This feature is also unique and is hard to be found in any other task management tool. As per this feature, as soon as you turn the time tracker on, your working screen will begin to take screenshots to capture every single ounce of your work. Once you are done and the time tracker is stopped, the screenshots also stop and are stored in the system. This helps in checking if the work has been done correctly and also a record of time is kept by 1ViewTask’s dashboard.

Employee Monitoring Tool

1ViewTask- Employee Monitoring Feature

The overall review of 1ViewTask was quite great. Some people suggested add-ons like introducing features that could help in better sales and an improvement in the chat feature. After the world startup convention was over, numerous people reached out to us for attaining a demo of 1ViewTask and so many people signed up to use our tool. You can use our tool too as it is completely free for 1 user with enterprise-level features for a lifetime. The app is now available on Android and Ios too. Download the app now and see for yourself how this tool is so special.

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