Features of 1ViewTask

The Top Features of 1ViewTask: A Comprehensive Overview

The purpose of using a task management tool is to get better at managing projects, tasks, and compliances. There are multiple tools available in the market like Asana, Jira, Upwork, and Monday.com. All these tools are amazing but there is one more that works wonders for people because of its amazing features. And that software is 1ViewTask, which will make increasing productivity and time management easier. In this blog, we will discuss some of the top features of 1ViewTask that make this tool a special one among the others.  


Hassle-free Task Creation – Creating tasks is so much easier with 1ViewTask as it gives you multiple options to select to give a proper description of the task. You can either create a quick task or a detailed task but as for a detailed one, you can input the task description, priority, tags, recurrence, start-due date, and company information along with vendor’s information. Some of the task-related documents can also be attached alongside and once you are done, click publish. Your task will begin to display on the main screen.  


Default Workflow – The maker-checker concept is something new in the market of task management tools. Whilst you create a task, you can see the option of selecting an assignee, and a reviewer. Assignee is the person who is supposed to complete the task, you can select multiple assignees in one go. The reviewer is the person who is supposed to make sure that the work done is accurate and in case there are any changes required, they can suggest by placing it in the chat. The assignee needs to rework and submit again. This cycle goes on for every task and helps to make sure all the tasks are intact.  

Maker Checker Concept

1ViewTask- Default Workflow (Maker Checker Concept)

Screen Monitoring – Time management is a concept that every single individual wishes to grasp in their life. This is possible if you use 1ViewTask as its time tracking and screen monitoring feature will help you a lot. Once you begin working on a task, you can turn the time tracker on and the screen will start capturing screenshots until you are done and stop the tracker. This helps you to check how much of the total time you took on completing a task and the time you count also contributes to your total working hours and the total productivity is impacted. And with screen monitoring, you can catch any mistake and check how you completed a task.  

Employee Monitoring Tool

1ViewTask- Employee Monitoring Feature

Dashboard – There are managers in every firm who require to check the work being done by their team and generate a report. Using this software, perfect report generation is possible through the dashboard. There are three kinds of views available namely: eagle view, productivity view, and detailed report. Select any kind of view that suits you best and check how much productive your team has been throughout a certain project. All team members can fetch their report and the same of other team members as well as the filter option is also available. Moreover, you can download an Excel sheet by making a single click.  

Productivity Report

1ViewTask Dashboard- Detailed Report

Addition of Guest Users – Not all task management tools will allow its users to add their clients as guest users. But with 1ViewTask, you can ask your clients/vendors or other external users to be a part of a project as a guest user. Being such a user, they can make some minimal changes through chat or make the approval for certain tasks. This feature works best when external users require monitoring of the tasks that are done by the team.  


Email Conversion into a Task – Another fantastic feature offered by 1ViewTask is of converting emails into a task. You must insert the add-in of 1ViewTask on your Outlook mail and then your conversion can be made easily. Select the email that you wish to convert and then select the add-in of the tool, a screen will pop up where the heading of your email will turn into the task title, the receiver will become the assignee, and other information will be fetched. you can edit everything at your convenience and click publish, the task will begin to show on your main screen of the 1ViewTask portal.  

Convert Email to Task

1ViewTask- Convert your email into a task

Daily Reminders – Once you become habitual in using this tool in your daily routine, you will start relying on it because of the reminders via email feature. If you have assigned some tasks prior to the upcoming day then you will receive an email stating how much of pending tasks you have for the day. Also, once you are about to reach the time of the deadline, you will receive a reminder. This feature will help you to ensure that you submit the task right on time.  


In the end, it is best to say that 1ViewTask is one of the most suitable tools for managing all the tasks in a single workspace. You do not have to worry about your pending tasks anymore because we will keep sending you daily morning emails that will assist you in keeping track of everything. Apart from the above-mentioned features, there are many more that you will explore once you sign up for this tool. The software is completely free for a user with enterprise-level features for a lifetime and the app is also available on Android and iOS as well so hurry up and take your hands on this tool as soon as possible.

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