The Utilization Of A Project Management Software - Monitoring Project Performance

The Utilization Of A Project Management Software – Monitoring Project Performance

Project management software is slowly becoming a part of every organization. From scheduling tasks to accessing daily reports, the software is offering everything to its users. Project managers are the ones often responsible for looking after the project performance of their team members. And to make that happen in a righteous way, it is necessary to use a specific tool like 1ViewTask because you name the feature and it has it all. By the end of this blog, you will know all about this tool.

Firstly, this tool allows you to create tasks with all the details, you can add a description, tags, priority, company, workspace, activity-sub activity, compliance type, section, penalty cost, recurrence of the task, start-due date and time, assignee, reviewer, escalation, and you can also add the relative attachments of the task. Once you are done you can publish the task and take a full-fledged view of your screen where your tasks will be categorized into three different bars – to do, in progress, and completed.

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An interesting concept of default workflow has been introduced in this tool using which you can get the completed task checked by a reviewer. The role of the reviewer is to ensure that the task completed by the assignee is correctly done and if there are any changes, they need to get it done right away so that the other tasks do not hamper. You can also track time using the time tracking feature to check your speed and this will help you in getting better at time management too.

Coming on to monitoring project performance, can be done by using the dashboard feature. You get a whole dashboard on 1ViewTask clicking on which you will be redirected to a new page. Using this feature you can track your performance as well as your team’s. There are three different kinds of views provided in the dashboard – eagle view, productivity view, and detailed report. All three of them serve the same purpose but the way of presenting information is different. Every single sphere of information can be filtered as per the need and an Excel sheet can be fetched by making a single click.

For example, you are a project manager who needs to check the daily work of their team on 1ViewTask. All you need to do is click on the dashboard, select the members of whom you want to view the report, filter it and a screen will pop up in front of you. Now you can check their overall productivity, total working hours, and the details of tasks that they worked on for a particular day, week, or month. So using this tool is not that difficult if you understand its purpose.

Moreover, there are other features too like guest users can be added, they could be clients or vendors, and they can see through the working of the team and gain insight on everything else. 1ViewTask also sends daily reminders to the users reminding them of their pending tasks for the day and their upcoming due dates. There are so many people who love using this tool because of its performance reporting feature. This makes our tool even more special and a 30% increase in overall productivity is guaranteed from our side. You can take your hands on its amazing features by signing up for the tool, it is free for one user with enterprise-level features for a lifetime and we will also provide you with a free demo.