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Time Management is a Myth until Demystified

People are often misled by the meaning of Time Management because Time Management is not about managing time but it is about managing oneself in an organized manner. There are people who think that they can remember everything but that is not true for everyone. A person cannot remember without scribbling the number of tasks on a piece of paper or a task management tool. It is a part of our human nature that we often forget things in our daily lives. This is when the role of Time Management comes into play. Time is something that will not stop for anyone, the minutes will keep on counting and hours will keep on passing by. If approached correctly, the concept of Time Management can be Demystified. By the end of this blog, you will know the answer to how.  First, let us understand why Time Management is a myth: 

Time Management – A Myth  

  1. Lack of planning – Ample time that could be used to work on something important is wasted when a person does not plan. If we don’t plan things out before we begin working on a task, it would feel like time management is a myth.
  2. Poor focus – Technology has advanced and times have changed. The huge clouds of social media and texting have taken over the lives of human beings. This has created so many distractions that people are unable to focus on their work and lose track of their important time.
  3. Higher expectations and less output – Some people feel like making a huge to-do list will motivate them to work on the required task. Once a huge list is created and the person starts working on it, they start to feel overwhelmed by seeing so much work on the plate and lose their productivity. This is another reason that lesser output is generated and time management feels like a myth.  

Time Management is a delicate concept that not all people understand clearly. If you have enough resources and energy, anything is possible. The myth can be turned sideways if you wish to dig deeper. Now that you know the reasons behind time management being a myth. Moving on further, now let us understand how this myth can be demystified.

1ViewTask- Time Tracking


Demystifying the Myth of Time Management  

The concept of Time Management has been famous for many years. People have invented certain Time Management Techniques that users tend to take a hold of for managing their tasks. But these techniques have not been of much use because they just help you to make a list of tasks and not utilize your energy. Until and unless the person is not motivated, managing time is a very difficult thing to do. Later, some Task Management Tools were released into the market which took over the normal techniques. These tools have been quite useful lately because using tools, you can work on one task at a time and your time can be utilized. 1ViewTask is one such tool that has been helpful to people and has helped in demystifying the myth of Time Management. Given below are some pointers that depict how a Task/Time Management Tool can be helpful:  

  1. Better Focus and Output – When you use a tool, you are able to keep your focus on a single task and you can prioritize your work easily. You can put in your efforts and complete your task before the deadline. Once your task is done, you can mark it as completed and move on to the next one after taking a mild break.
  2. Plan your Time Efficiently – With the help of a tool, you can set a timer for yourself while you work on a particular task. This will help you become better at managing time and check how much time you take on that task. Time planning is essential if you want to improve your work life.
  3. Check your Daily Reports – When you begin using a tool, you get the advantage to see through your daily, weekly, and monthly work reports. With the help of these reports, you can check how much work you completed in a day, month, or week and how much you took on completing the work. This way your overall productivity can get better and you can plan out your usage of time too.  

About 1ViewTask 

Talking specifically about 1ViewTask is an advanced Task Management Tool that comprises some of the finest features that can help you in increasing your productivity by up to 30%.  With the help of this tool. you can create your tasks easily, you can choose the recurrence pattern, and priority, add a description and select the start date and time of your task. Moreover, you can also attach certain documents related to your task along with the task. The concept of default workflow comprising of assignee and reviewer makes the tool unique. While you create a task, you can allot an assignee, the person who needs to complete a task and a reviewer, the person who needs to check if the task is done properly. This feature helps the team to keep a check on the work and everything can be managed on a single platform.  

Moreover, with the help of this tool, you can set a timer for yourself while you complete your task, you can categorize your tasks as per your needs and complete the important ones first. You don’t have to worry about forgetting tasks because 1ViewTask will help you remember everything. Daily emails are sent out to the users reminding them of their pending tasks for the day. Furthermore, you can generate your work reports and keep track of the time that has been invested in completing a task. Setting Time Management goals becomes easier with this tool as you become a pro while using it.  

There are so many people who have gained ample benefits and have proven that the concept of Time Management is a myth. Everything is possible if you use the right technique, and as you now know, using a tool like 1ViewTask is the best possible solution. This tool is a live example of the fact that the concept can be demystified. If you wish to work in a better way and manage your time, sign up today and take a hold of all the amazing features of this tool. The app is now available on Android and iOS too.

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