Time Tracking in Remote Work

Track Time Even when Working Remotely

Remote work has been on the rise for years and it will only continue to grow. As businesses and employees adjust to this new remote norm, many are recognizing the benefits of virtual work.
And it’s no surprise why?
Remote workers tend to be more productive, engaged, and happier as per a lot of surveys. Furthermore, companies that provide remote and flexible work options are more appealing to top talent, assisting businesses in retaining a competitive workforce.

But managing a remote workforce isn’t always an easy road. So how do you ensure your remote employees are successful and stay on track with the work allocated to them? As your business grows, it can get more difficult to track time for each and every task done by the employees. Thus, we have come up with a feature in our task management tool, where remote work would be managed easily with just a single click using one single platform to manage all your workflow and make your employees stay on track for the 1ViewTask makes time tracking for businesses simple. With the click of a button, users can create tasks and begin tracking time. Just click on the start timer for each task and let us do the rest!

1ViewTask- Time Tracking

You will find a productivity analysis in the 1ViewTask’s dashboard, which both employees and managers have access to so as to maintain transparency in the workplace. Using Dashboards, users, and managers can view their and their team’s productivity reports relating to the task performed on a daily basis by using our dashboard feature under 1ViewTask, including concise summaries of time spent on each project, client, and task. Summary reports are available on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to help you quickly analyze behavior patterns. Instantly make changes to their working habits so as to stay more productive and not waste time. Additionally, you can see how much time is being spent at the system by any user vs. away and how long breaks last. Hold yourself and your employees accountable at work, even if they are thousands of miles away.


Just Imagine how much more efficient your business would be if you could easily track your and your employees’ time at the workplace or even remotely with just a simple click. Simply sign up and invite your employees to download 1ViewTask. It will automatically monitor what your employees do on their systems during working hours and show how much time they have actually spent on projects and tasks.

Time management doesn’t get any easier than this!!
So, hurry up and signup with 1ViewTask!!!

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